Tuesday, March 28, 2017


I am so aggravated. Battling with this 'great' technology is on the verge of zinging me bats.  Flash Drive has crashed again; about the fortieth time today. Something is in a chronic bad state of health, no doubt.  Did I cause it?  Possibly, for my Virtue of Good Sense has turned into a mishmash like Mashed Potatoes; it's happened in all corners and thru-cuts of my life.  Could it be my golden age is tarnishing?  Well no, since nothing exists here looks 'golden ageeee'; for me it is just  the "day-in-day-out push".  Where did that plan to travel the sands go?  Where is my sailboat?

Aside from that nonsense though, I am butting my nose against a proverbial brick wall.  Here's how it is. Maybe a couple or more months ago, the computer started REALLY showing it's smart-ass.  Out of the blue, dozens of windows open, stacking up and Life Script.com (spam site) and PilotTV (spam) enter my life.  Then a Unresponsive Script warning pops up.  I read to click on Continue, DEBUG or Stop Script. How dumb I am.  Continue won't work, Stop script won't work and that debug screen is a horrible thing for me to encounter - I always just clear it away - click out. I'm so dumb. The monitor screen very often freezes up completely, necessitating a Restart or Shutdown of this 'dam machine'.  Yes, I think it is full and ready to burst its gate like Hoover Dam would do, if pushed.  Then again, I think somebody out there is playing/hacking with it.  Whatever is causing all the problems, I really have no clue and don't have sense enough to FIX matters.

Desperation awhile back because of my technological stupidity started my hunt for Ric/Rick, a miracle man with computers.  He fixed my problems thrice already.  Microsoft Essentials was installed and still is but I feel it isn't doing its purpose, since that Life Script is a constant, causing me to choose either Continue, Debug, or Stop script.  I'm going around in a whizzing circle over this issue.  Yelp, something wrong is sure happening here that is driving me berserk ...and nuts too.

Yesterday before dusk as I sat on the porch listening to a total silence while watching a perfect wispy sky and the sparkling clear creek flowing by, I began fantasizing about one of those computers that those "rich people" carry around as they go.  Why, I could sit right there in the breeze and waning sunlight and Click Away and Type, Type, Type.  Couldn't I?  Well my fantasy sort of blew on by, as I'm not a "rich people" by a long shot. That's the reason I fear taking this piece of trash to a Tech Doctor.  Their cost to click on a few keystrokes and FIX this old codger of a machine is out of my budget and outrageously high.  Rick - I can't find.  And I'm still as stupid today as I was yesterday and it's raining and cold and those lazy dogs are sleeping in today - right under my feet, doncha know.  I don't know what their problem is; they also refuse to speak my English.  Well, let me back up a bit:  Choco is doing quite well with his English; after he spends minutes screwing his mouth around before he spits out "I Want".  So help me, he does.  As I laugh or cackle at him every time, he often shows anger and frustration with me.  He doesn't bite, though.  Only with moles  ...then he's a Killer.  I surely do love my family of five four-legs, except for the fact they go through 10 lb. Milk Bones in the blink of an eye.  I may have to ration them so I can save for a new Whiz Machine.

Here's hoping Your day is going 'great guns' . Sun aplenty or some sweet dripping mists for Ye.

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