Tuesday, March 28, 2017


I am so aggravated. Battling with this 'great' technology is on the verge of zinging me bats.  Flash Drive has crashed again; about the fortieth time today. Something is in a chronic bad state of health, no doubt.  Did I cause it?  Possibly, for my Virtue of Good Sense has turned into a mishmash like Mashed Potatoes; it's happened in all corners and thru-cuts of my life.  Could it be my golden age is tarnishing?  Well no, since nothing exists here looks 'golden ageeee'; for me it is just  the "day-in-day-out push".  Where did that plan to travel the sands go?  Where is my sailboat?

Aside from that nonsense though, I am butting my nose against a proverbial brick wall.  Here's how it is. Maybe a couple or more months ago, the computer started REALLY showing it's smart-ass.  Out of the blue, dozens of windows open, stacking up and Life Script.com (spam site) and PilotTV (spam) enter my life.  Then a Unresponsive Script warning pops up.  I read to click on Continue, DEBUG or Stop Script. How dumb I am.  Continue won't work, Stop script won't work and that debug screen is a horrible thing for me to encounter - I always just clear it away - click out. I'm so dumb. The monitor screen very often freezes up completely, necessitating a Restart or Shutdown of this 'dam machine'.  Yes, I think it is full and ready to burst its gate like Hoover Dam would do, if pushed.  Then again, I think somebody out there is playing/hacking with it.  Whatever is causing all the problems, I really have no clue and don't have sense enough to FIX matters.

Desperation awhile back because of my technological stupidity started my hunt for Ric/Rick, a miracle man with computers.  He fixed my problems thrice already.  Microsoft Essentials was installed and still is but I feel it isn't doing its purpose, since that Life Script is a constant, causing me to choose either Continue, Debug, or Stop script.  I'm going around in a whizzing circle over this issue.  Yelp, something wrong is sure happening here that is driving me berserk ...and nuts too.

Yesterday before dusk as I sat on the porch listening to a total silence while watching a perfect wispy sky and the sparkling clear creek flowing by, I began fantasizing about one of those computers that those "rich people" carry around as they go.  Why, I could sit right there in the breeze and waning sunlight and Click Away and Type, Type, Type.  Couldn't I?  Well my fantasy sort of blew on by, as I'm not a "rich people" by a long shot. That's the reason I fear taking this piece of trash to a Tech Doctor.  Their cost to click on a few keystrokes and FIX this old codger of a machine is out of my budget and outrageously high.  Rick - I can't find.  And I'm still as stupid today as I was yesterday and it's raining and cold and those lazy dogs are sleeping in today - right under my feet, doncha know.  I don't know what their problem is; they also refuse to speak my English.  Well, let me back up a bit:  Choco is doing quite well with his English; after he spends minutes screwing his mouth around before he spits out "I Want".  So help me, he does.  As I laugh or cackle at him every time, he often shows anger and frustration with me.  He doesn't bite, though.  Only with moles  ...then he's a Killer.  I surely do love my family of five four-legs, except for the fact they go through 10 lb. Milk Bones in the blink of an eye.  I may have to ration them so I can save for a new Whiz Machine.

Here's hoping Your day is going 'great guns' . Sun aplenty or some sweet dripping mists for Ye.

Sunday, March 26, 2017

Of Bread and Soup

As with making yeast bread, we of society are examined, measured then mixed, sniffed, stirred, crunched, punched, as in 'manipulated' and have our bubbles burst until it rises.  Have you ever gazed on a fresh-baked, perfect warm loaf? It's a possibility that we/society, in time, will become as perfect as the  loaf of yeast bread.  A good cook knows correct steps to take;  don't they!

The Old Saying is "Too many cooks spoil the soup".  This certainly seems to be the situation within the world today - too many cooks, crooks  novices, idiots and manipulators  in the kitchens High Offices of the world.  Apparently, no one is looking at the same recipe!  Our Soup is suffering.

Saturday, March 4, 2017

Justice in Action - Judge Speaks Mind

 Have you ever seen Judge Jeanine Pirro in action?  I came upon her a year or so ago.  Stunned was my reaction while listening to her.  I believe she has a reality show, she is one of the most sensible and tough speakers I've ever heard,  I fully agree with her reasoning and actions.  She is one sharp woman!  Our country is on the edge of a total catastrophe; watch as she speaks her mind regarding the duties of our nation's Police force, those in position for preventing chaos and catastrophe.

Short minutes duration, copy and paste.