Friday, March 25, 2016

Eagle Watching Today

 How they have grown since I last watched them!

Saturday, March 19, 2016

Readers, Comments, Drunken Drivers, iPhones, Spit and a Frog

 I often wonder about visitors to this blog; who they are, where they live, what their life is like.  My posts generate very few and almost rare comments.  The traffic counter shows readers from "everywhere" but no comments.  You are counted even if you click on and click out instantly; this is considered "surfing the web", isn't it?  I'm sure they don't slow down and read or investigate further what I may be saying.  That's okay, even when it may be their loss.  "Anastasia" is such a loss.Two frequent visitors, one from Shawnee, OK, another in Donora, PA, I realize aren't "surfers", yet they remain silent.  I'm just curious as to who you are and the fact you come by so often.  Come on Shawnee and Donora - say something! I'm pleased you are curious enough to check in frequently.

It is downright chilly this morning. I'm wrapped in winter garb once again.  The recent perfect days have spoiled me, so much so that all I want is warm sunshine.  Very soon, though, I'll no doubt be griping about the unrelenting high temps. Ha, don't we all! When I read of people experiencing 90 deg. and higher, uncomplaining, happily going about their lives, I think 'what a wimp' I must be.  Nevertheless, I am thoroughly happy with these 'springy' days with all nature arising to greet me every morning.  I must get busy and spit on some seeds and sink them into the soil.  My hopes are high again this year for luscious fresh foods to heal what ails me.  My turmeric plant is GROWING!

"Spit"? you may wonder, with raised eyebrows.  Well, those Ringing Cedar books can tell you about this!  We are so technologically ingrained that we have dismissed the true nature of life, the true reason we are in existence.  Another tidbit from Anastasia: If you have roaches, get yourself a little frog, bring it indoors and quickly eliminate that problem.

Punching the keys of the 'toys'- iPhoness today is most prominently seen.  I just wish the idiots would keep their eyes on their driving (or walking) and quit scaring the hell out of me.  Twice yesterday, it was only inches that saved me from being annihilated while infrequently being out and about.  Wouldn't it be nice to travel the roads without numerous cars weaving about like a bunch of drunkards given free access to do their thing!  This situation is what has me staying off the roads as much as possible.  It is so stressful driving along with unforgivable idiots.  Yet, our lawmakers seem to be totally unconcerned!  No wonder much of society it in an uproar these days.  We need a few politicians who have the guts to stand up to what needs to be corrected.

Wednesday, March 16, 2016

A Treasure I Recommend

 Ever heard of a tree named Ringing Cedar? They are only found in Russia and Lebanon.

Some time ago I spoke of a series of books, The Ringing Cedars Series and "Anastasia" is Book 1.
9 total.  I almost finished the series back when and had a wish you could read them also.  I was so impressed with the information that I talked to everyone of what I learned.  They are amazingly informative and highly directional for one's well-being in all aspects of  life.

Well, here I am again today starting over with Book 1.  Here is a link if you may wish to check further into them -  And below is the home page telling about this young woman, Anastasia.  The books were translated into English a few years ago. The setting is Russia 1995.

Read and you will be changed completely, in such a super-excellent way.

The books are quality made also - Beautiful.

Book 1 - “Anastasia”

You're about to meet Anastasia—a beautiful young woman—found in 1995 living alone deep in the remote wild forests of Siberia. Anastasia is unlike anyone you have met, yet what she is about to share with you will have you remembering so much that you have forgotten—that you may feel like you are awakening from a long sleep!
WARNING!  — Nothing can really prepare you for the amazing journey you are about to take in these 9 books.  And once you start — there's no stopping!  Get ready for the most mind-blowing read of your life! These books have an “mysterious energy” encoded in the pattern and rhythm of the words that will begin resonating deep within your being and re-open the doors to a world you have likely long forgotten!   Your life is about to change—forever—and we mean in a really amazing way!
Prepare to meet the purest, happiest and most powerful person alive today!

Monday, March 14, 2016

Celery? I Never Knew This

 Celery is a Natural Pain Reliever

The same compound in celery that can lower your blood pressure, 3NB, is also able to relieve the pain of gout, arthritis, and fibromyalgia, according to some studies.

Friday, March 11, 2016

Veronica Says

"  Your guides whisper continuously in hopes of connection with you.  In a frantic pace in physical it can be most impossible to connect."

Tuesday, March 8, 2016

My "Relaxed and Educated" Morning

   Her name is Wisdom, still alive 10 years more than the oldest banded bird.  I think I read Wisdom is 67 years old.

Oldest Bird Alive

I thoroughly enjoyed while reading at this website and watching a video of the albatross birds.  It tells that Wisdom has traveled millions of miles in her lifetime.  Amazing, and you will learn also the birds don't have to put a lot of effort into flying these many miles.

The article speaks of how they eat of whatever is floating on the seas, including all our plastic!

Which brings to mind the fact that I am separating ALL plastic from my garbage (and cans, glass, etc).  Yes, it does take extra steps and minutes of one's time until it becomes an important habit and goes more smoothly and faster.  A plastic grocery bag gets filled every two weeks - that's a LOT OF PLASTIC.  I rinse off food residue or debris and break down large pieces.  I am stunned by the amount of plastic generated in just my small space and overwhelmed when thinking of the 'worldwide' usage. We humans are definitely destroying our only home.  What then?

There are 1000s albatross on this Midway Island, a small atoll where my deceased brother was stationed for a full year while in Navy.  He worked in Search and Rescue, a very bad, heartrending job.  He told me about the 'goonie birds' on the island - "Nasty Creatures" he called them. I believe Midway is 1 mile by 1/2 mile wide

I'm just certain you will enjoy watching and reading all the information.  So go ahead,  copy and paste the links in your browser; click and sit back and relax.  Nature is wonderful and this is a nature adventure you will be rewarded by.

Monday, March 7, 2016

I Couldn't Agree More

..."Trump was saying the same thing about America needing to look after its own interests 20 years ago. No matter how grating and arrogant his demeanor may be, his words are the truest being spoken by any presidential candidate. We need to elect a president that will get things done, not another worthless puppet who will go along to get along."

Go over to Gorges blog and read the full narrative. 

Gorges Grouse

News - Sounds Good to Me

Leave it to the Japanese, a very smart society.  Here, from, an article of an amazing toothpaste "No More Cavities".  Now if only he can make it safe for home use; only used by dentists at present, this is probably yet unavailable in the US. It will most certainly be expensive but the savings of not going to the dentist would more than cover the cost.

Thursday, March 3, 2016

He Lived a Unique Interesting Life

Looking for the 'P's I saw Obituary, entered it and found this one of my classmate, Jimmy White.  We graduated 8th grade together.  After college, he and his sister rose high in their careers in DC.  They were both shy, quiet.  Jimmy's life was quite unique.  A few years ago he sent me several catalogs of beautiful botanical drawings on display at Carnegie-Mellon Institute.  This was a couple years before he died.  He gave no clue of his illness.  I treasure the beautiful artworks an will be reminded of Jimmy as I look them over and remember him as the young man he was, so quiet and mannerly.

After I read the obituary, I went to Google for information about Carnegie-Mellon Institute.  I was amazed by it all. So many different styles of architecture within one campus. Every building exquisite in style.  Pictures, paintings, Museums galore.  A thriving institute.  More to explore. You won't be disappointed if you check it out.  I wish I could walk; I would go see it all


Obituary: James Joseph White / Courtly curator of Carnegie Mellon's Hunt Institute
May 6, 1941 - April 12, 2011
April 18, 2011, 9:30 AM
By Moriah Balingit Pittsburgh Post-Gazette

Depending on whom you talked to, James Joseph White was a world-renowned curator of botanical art, an enthusiastic Civil War re-enactor, an expert archivist, a parrot enthusiast, an obsessive collector or a patron of Indian classical music.

"When he discovered something that fascinated or intrigued him ... he became deeply involved," said Maggie Forbes, director of the Andrew Carnegie Free Library & Music Hall, where Mr. White helped preserve Civil War artifacts.

Mr. White, former curator of the Hunt Institute for Botanical Documentation at Carnegie Mellon University, died Tuesday of a degenerative neurological disease. He was 69.
Mr. White was born and raised in Johnson City, Tenn., where his sister said he taught himself to play the piano by ear, raised birds, maintained a model train collection and amassed collections of coins, stamps and butterfly specimens.

He went on to attend East Tennessee State University, where he earned a bachelor's degree. He later moved to Washington, D.C., where he took classes in botany at George Washington University, art classes at the Corcoran Museum of Art and headed the Herbarium Services Unit at the Smithsonian Institution.

At the Smithsonian, he told colleagues he would often stumble upon original botanical art in the drawers housing the institution's herb collection, and his passion for the art was born. He moved to Pittsburgh in 1978, joining the Hunt Institute as a curator, and was instrumental in expanding and cataloging the institute's collection.

In 1996, he traveled to Bangalore, India, on a Fulbright Award to catalogue a colonial era collection of botanical art, spending hours in a stifling hot library to catalog more than 1,000 works and later put the work of many Indian artists on exhibition at the institute. He developed a deep appreciation for Indian culture, later practicing Sikhism and helping to establish the Society for the Promotion of Indian Classical Music and Culture Amongst Youth at CMU.
Lugene Bruno, a curator at the institute, called him "meticulous and diligent" in his work. He cataloged the institute's entire collection and put it on the Internet, making it a valuable resource for artists worldwide. Near the end of his career, the American Society of Botanical Artists named their award for excellence after him.

"He was like an icon among [botanical artists]," Ms. Bruno said. He was a widely known authority in the field, but was also a nurturing mentor, she said.

Outside of the institute, Mr. White threw the same fastidiousness and passion into his interest in the Civil War, sparked by a trip to Gettysburg, said his sister, Brenda White.
He was a surgeon, flag bearer and infantryman with the Pennsylvania 9th Regiment of Civil War re-enactors. Fellow re-enactors marveled at the earnestness of his performance and his meticulously kept uniform.

Exceedingly soft-spoken and shy in his daily life, Mr. White was transformed and electrified during re-enactments, brandishing a musket in mock battles. And more than one person remarked that even out of uniform, his mannerisms, posture and general affect were of another century.
"It was just his diction and very much his look," said Ms. Forbes. "He stood ramrod straight ... and was always courtly."

Ms. White said her brother always reminded her of Abraham Lincoln, "tall and thin."

In the 1990s, Mr. White lent his skills as a curator to the Andrew Carnegie Free Library's Civil War room, once a meeting place for a post of the Grand Army of the Republic. The room had been sealed off to preserve the artifacts because the library did not have the money to preserve them. Mr. White was instrumental in cataloging the works and preserving the paper artifacts -- diaries and letters of Civil War veterans -- for the library. His uniform is now on display there.

After Mr. White was diagnosed with frontal lobe atrophy, a friend helped him auction off his extraordinary collection of botanical art, on display in his meticulously kept Victorian home, to pay for his nursing home care. He was living at Kane Regional Hospital in Scott when he died.
"If I could live half the life he did, I'd be happy," Ms. White said.
Mr. White is survived by his sister.
Cargenie-Mellon Institute  - areal view


My belief is that Jimmy led a very calm peaceful life, enjoying every minute of it.  Reading this I knew from whom he'd taken several traits.  His father was a clean-neat-freak (sorry) married to my aunt.  He drove her berserk. LOL


Helpful to Know

 Browsing about I found this Helpful information.

What Not to Wear to a Funeral

By: Staff

6 months ago

We live in a world where anything goes. And yet I’m still surprised at some of the things people wear; jeans and sweatshirts to church, shorts at a fine restaurant on a Saturday night, and flip flops for all occasions. But when it comes to funerals, most of us sense that there are some rules of protocol that should be followed.

A friend recently shared that she attended a funeral and was surprised that a teenage family member wore casual clothing and flip flops. I was surprised myself when attending a funeral at Arlington National Cemetery to see the thirty-year old daughter of the deceased wearing a bright and low cut dress that showed her cleavage. So it’s no wonder that those of us attending funerals might think, what should we wear?

We should dress in a way that shows respect so it’s safe to err on the conservative side and avoid bright colors, bright prints, and anything flashy or glittery. Stay away from the casual and opt for something on the dressier side. You don’t have to stick to black but choose darker or muted colors, such as, grays, dark blues, or browns. Women can wear pants, skirts, blouses, jackets, sweaters, or dresses, opting for a pulled together look. No sneakers, flip flops or too casual shoes. Men can wear slacks, sport jackets, or suits and appropriate footwear. The look you want is non obtrusive.

Funerals are not a time to be conspicuous; it’s a time to blend in with the other mourners.

Robbie Miller Kaplan is an author who writes from a unique perspective as a mother who has lost two children. She has written How to Say It When You Don't Know What to Say, a guide to help readers communicate effectively when those they care about experience loss, now available in three individual volumes: "Illness & Death," "Suicide" and "Miscarriage." Additional titles are available as e-books: "Death of a Child," "Death of a Stillborn or Newborn Baby," "Pet Loss," "Caregiver Responsibilities," "Divorce" and "Job Loss." All titles are in Amazon's Kindle Store. Click here to order.

Wednesday, March 2, 2016

Speaking from the Peanut Gallery Podium

Revealed as I browsed about today, I read this tidbit in an article from a thoroughly trusted site.
 I tend to think it is most likely to have been a fact...then and probably still is. 

...'further revealing that the “cocaine empire” run by Florida governor Jeb Bush and his protégé US Senator Marco Rubio has now'...   

I have no faith that any candidate has any agenda that will relieve our personal situations and/or conditions.