Sunday, November 3, 2019

Grow Strong - An Abused Government System

 LABELS: food stamps, government waste. crooks, junk food, politicians and liars, SNAP, today's rant, unhealthy habits

Standing on your own feet is an exercise. The more you do it the stronger you become.  There is a great need for this in our country, the United States of America. Without a doubt, I believe it is needed in many other places also.  Too many have become used to depending on the "government" to serve its needs and lacks thereof.  What they fail to see is the control that government then has over one's life.  There are rules and regulations that must be followed or supposed to be followed.  Unfortunately, this is not the case in many instances

The main issue of which I speak is the situation  with the government program of issuing SNAP benefits; that acronym that has replaced food stamps of years past.  There are other "entitlements" within this same area which I will not go into today. SNAP means Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program.  The first three words should be abided by completely.  They are not so by most of those who get this assistance.  So much that fills the grocery cart is absolutely not nutritional by any means.  SNAP is an assistance, a help, not to take over the complete act

I have been around for many years and observed the abuse that occurs spread widely and undoubtedly what I see is barely the tip of the matter.   Those who receive the benefits are not working alone for this abuse to occur.  It involves the ones who supply the food/grocers.  Without another doubt, the suppliers have to be benefiting greatly also in some manner and also abusing the system.

99% of items in grocery stores is totally non-nutritious, pure junk food, harmful to our health.  Walking into a grocery one day thirty five years ago, within feet of the front door was a sign - "DID YOU KNOW YOU CAN BUY RUSSEL STOVER WITH FOOD STAMPS"?  This was purely blatant.

Why our government isn't putting more effort into investigation of the problems regarding this program is beyond my understanding.  I've been well aware of the situation for at least forty years.  Then to see my children and all employed people working like mules to only pay out in taxes to support the graft that prevails with this government program and so many other government issues.  The day is coming, people. . . . . . .   A wake-up call is long overdue.

To finish out my rant, that so-called 'man' Obama opened the door wide for millions more to get on the food -stamp-freebie wagon, with so many taking advantage by abusing the system. Real men have integrity, are honest and honorable from the get-go.  Politicians (all of them) are far from honorable humans.

I'm so angry seeing those able to stand on their own feet, lying on their lazy asses, while others support the 'crooks' taking advantage of those struggling to make ends meet, working themselves into an early grave.

LABELS: food stamps, government waste. crooks, junk food, politicians and liars, SNAP, today's rant, unhealthy habits