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"Standing-Rock" What Do You Know?

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My Hope Is

Sometime they'll give a war and nobody will come. -Carl Sandburg

Sunday, January 1, 2017

The Lie of Our Lives   It tells a sad story.

They Fixed That ...Maybe :))

Here is one couple's response/retaliation to that life-intrusive SPAM we all have to contend with.

Personally, Spam drives me crazy too, all these offers of 'help' to us. Yeek!  I liked reading the response here to the CEO of the company - truth plus a few giggles from me.  Giggles - a good way to start my new year.  Happy New Year to you too.

 Their letter:

 Re:  E- mail received     " We miss you at Vacations To Go!"

My dear Mr. Fox,
I appreciate your personal contact with me.  Thank you.

I am happy to tell you that "No, I do not wish to have anything to do with your company.
I have been receiving the junk in my spam folder very often, for many years!  This is nonsense; except for the top dogs of your company pocketing the better part of proceeds.  Employees get the least!

In the first place, only well-off people could utilize your offers.  We are not well-off and far from it.  I can't afford a drive down to splash in the local creek, much less ride the ocean, nor can I move about. I am 86, wife is79.  We are creaking badly, so why might you think that people in the same positions as we are would be interested in your product/whatever? 

Your business was in my town at one time, friends worked there.  I do know it's reputation, which was not good, not good at all. What they worked at was a scam.

So, if you would please, cut complete contact with me and hopefully you haven't or won't pass my address to someone else out to do their spamming scams.  So tired of the junk mail, sir. 

My intention, now that we will have a new government, is to address the very unwelcome-mail issue with it.

Now you have a pleasant day, Mr. Fox,  and it may pay for you to take some time to sit and meditate on your position for your livelihood.  Only good morals make a man a true man. You have the choice - to have integrity or be less than a true man. Having integrity is the best praise for a human.


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