Sunday, April 9, 2017

I like to play

 with words.  It is fun. Often I find my self repeating a well used word of our English tongue  i.e. 'said' and the more I sound it, the more 'foreign' it becomes.  Try it.  It's been said English is the hardest language to learn.  Now I don't know about that but at any rate, I'm sure glad it's the one I know.  Many other languages among 'our own' is a great handicap for all.

Thinking on an idea for a solution to a problem that could (and would) create ease and harmony among us.  Seeing as how practically every big and little town in America now have  residents from other countries, which is a great barrier of lacking understanding for the majority and should be overcome.  First we would need interpreters, (thousands) (impossible) who have a strong grasp of a slew of tongues (remember Babel).  An informal setting for everyone to gather and learn the languages of our visitors from other countries as they in turn would learn English in the informal setting. "Tea, anyone?" or

 "Please check your weapons at the door"!  LOL :O)   What a mess the world has become, all of us speaking a different language, nobody understanding the other or getting along.  It's a sad lament.  Well, it was just an IDEA; probably wouldn't work as easily as I imagined.
Now here is a nice sounding word. 

elegiac (ĕlˌə-jīˈək, ĭ-lēˈjē-ăkˌ)

  • adj.
    Of, relating to, or involving elegy or mourning or expressing sorrow for that which is irrecoverably past: an elegiac lament for youthful ideals. 
    The example - that's me. I am elegiac!  I must have wandered behind through youth,  i.e. stopping on the path to smell the roses; maybe even wandered/squandered all the later years too - smelling the roses still.  Too late to look back, eh, although I have those elegiac moments. 

    Wishing Y'all to have a comfortable night's rest now.  I'm off to that dream state that's become overwhelming for me lately. The Valerian may work it's charm on me tonight.

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  1. Well, Caddie, I'm so glad you posted a comment on Babsblog because now I have discovered your amazing blog! A gift.
    I'll be checking in and going back to read your postings as well.....


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