Sunday, March 26, 2017

Of Bread and Soup

As with making yeast bread, we of society are examined, measured then mixed, sniffed, stirred, crunched, punched, as in 'manipulated' and have our bubbles burst until it rises.  Have you ever gazed on a fresh-baked, perfect warm loaf? It's a possibility that we/society, in time, will become as perfect as the  loaf of yeast bread.  A good cook knows correct steps to take;  don't they!

The Old Saying is "Too many cooks spoil the soup".  This certainly seems to be the situation within the world today - too many cooks, crooks  novices, idiots and manipulators  in the kitchens High Offices of the world.  Apparently, no one is looking at the same recipe!  Our Soup is suffering.

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  1. That's because they follow an "alternative" cook book.


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