Tuesday, March 28, 2017


I am so aggravated. Battling with this 'great' technology is on the verge of zinging me bats.  Flash Drive has crashed again; about the fortieth time today. Something is in a chronic bad state of health, no doubt.  Did I cause it?  Possibly, for my Virtue of Good Sense has turned into a mishmash like Mashed Potatoes; it's happened in all corners and thru-cuts of my life.  Could it be my golden age is tarnishing?  Well no, since nothing exists here looks 'golden ageeee'; for me it is just  the "day-in-day-out push".  Where did that plan to travel the sands go?  Where is my sailboat?

Aside from that nonsense though, I am butting my nose against a proverbial brick wall.  Here's how it is. Maybe a couple or more months ago, the computer started REALLY showing it's smart-ass.  Out of the blue, dozens of windows open, stacking up and Life Script.com (spam site) and PilotTV (spam) enter my life.  Then a Unresponsive Script warning pops up.  I read to click on Continue, DEBUG or Stop Script. How dumb I am.  Continue won't work, Stop script won't work and that debug screen is a horrible thing for me to encounter - I always just clear it away - click out. I'm so dumb. The monitor screen very often freezes up completely, necessitating a Restart or Shutdown of this 'dam machine'.  Yes, I think it is full and ready to burst its gate like Hoover Dam would do, if pushed.  Then again, I think somebody out there is playing/hacking with it.  Whatever is causing all the problems, I really have no clue and don't have sense enough to FIX matters.

Desperation awhile back because of my technological stupidity started my hunt for Ric/Rick, a miracle man with computers.  He fixed my problems thrice already.  Microsoft Essentials was installed and still is but I feel it isn't doing its purpose, since that Life Script is a constant, causing me to choose either Continue, Debug, or Stop script.  I'm going around in a whizzing circle over this issue.  Yelp, something wrong is sure happening here that is driving me berserk ...and nuts too.

Yesterday before dusk as I sat on the porch listening to a total silence while watching a perfect wispy sky and the sparkling clear creek flowing by, I began fantasizing about one of those computers that those "rich people" carry around as they go.  Why, I could sit right there in the breeze and waning sunlight and Click Away and Type, Type, Type.  Couldn't I?  Well my fantasy sort of blew on by, as I'm not a "rich people" by a long shot. That's the reason I fear taking this piece of trash to a Tech Doctor.  Their cost to click on a few keystrokes and FIX this old codger of a machine is out of my budget and outrageously high.  Rick - I can't find.  And I'm still as stupid today as I was yesterday and it's raining and cold and those lazy dogs are sleeping in today - right under my feet, doncha know.  I don't know what their problem is; they also refuse to speak my English.  Well, let me back up a bit:  Choco is doing quite well with his English; after he spends minutes screwing his mouth around before he spits out "I Want".  So help me, he does.  As I laugh or cackle at him every time, he often shows anger and frustration with me.  He doesn't bite, though.  Only with moles  ...then he's a Killer.  I surely do love my family of five four-legs, except for the fact they go through 10 lb. Milk Bones in the blink of an eye.  I may have to ration them so I can save for a new Whiz Machine.

Here's hoping Your day is going 'great guns' . Sun aplenty or some sweet dripping mists for Ye.

Sunday, March 26, 2017

Of Bread and Soup

As with making yeast bread, we of society are examined, measured then mixed, sniffed, stirred, crunched, punched, as in 'manipulated' and have our bubbles burst until it rises.  Have you ever gazed on a fresh-baked, perfect warm loaf? It's a possibility that we/society, in time, will become as perfect as the  loaf of yeast bread.  A good cook knows correct steps to take;  don't they!

The Old Saying is "Too many cooks spoil the soup".  This certainly seems to be the situation within the world today - too many cooks, crooks  novices, idiots and manipulators  in the kitchens High Offices of the world.  Apparently, no one is looking at the same recipe!  Our Soup is suffering.

Saturday, March 4, 2017

Justice in Action - Judge Speaks Mind

 Have you ever seen Judge Jeanine Pirro in action?  I came upon her a year or so ago.  Stunned was my reaction while listening to her.  I believe she has a reality show, she is one of the most sensible and tough speakers I've ever heard,  I fully agree with her reasoning and actions.  She is one sharp woman!  Our country is on the edge of a total catastrophe; watch as she speaks her mind regarding the duties of our nation's Police force, those in position for preventing chaos and catastrophe.

Short minutes duration, copy and paste.

Tuesday, February 28, 2017

The Malignant Overlords - a Repost

Thoughts from The Sea Gypsy Philosopher *

Thursday, October 30, 2014


by Ray Jason

Ray on his birthday 2014

Today is my birthday, and as might be expected, I am in a particularly reflective mood.  As a gift to myself – and hopefully to you as well – I am going to attempt to clarify my current beliefs about “How the world works.”  This is not an easy task because those who are actually in charge of the planet relentlessly conceal their true motivations and methods.  If this subject proves intriguing to you folks out there, I will revisit it each year on my birthday.
But first, here is a short meditation on birthdays and age.  Because I am zealous about staying in shape, I am often asked how old I am.  My usual answer is, “I am in my Middle Years.”  Although this answer sounds evasive, it actually stems from a deeper inquiry into this topic.  My analysis is that there are four elements to human aging.

·        CHRONOLOGICAL AGE   Unfortunately, this is the dominant method that our culture uses to measure someone’s age.  But I contend that it is probably the least reliable marker.
·        BIOLOGICAL AGE   This is a far more accurate denominator of a person’s position along their life path.  How strong and pliant is your cardio-pulmonary-vascular system?  Are your joints troublesome and has your muscle dissolved into fat?  Is your mind still sharp or is your memory a shifting fogbank?  These markers will provide a much better assessment of your true age than any calendar can.
·        EMOTIONAL AGE   Do you handle the disappointments and tragedies of life with composure and grace?  Someone with a short fuse and a long stress horizon will probably be older than their calendar years might suggest.
·        PHILOSOPHICAL AGE   This is the category in which a person should strive to be older than their chronological total.  If one can achieve the “Wisdom of an Elder” at an early stage in life, this will bequeath them an inner harmony that will normally lead to increased longevity and greater happiness.
So my belief is that true age is a tapestry of these different threads.  If a person can achieve advanced emotional and philosophical maturity early in life, and if they combine that with healthy eating and exercise, this will lead to such vibrant biological wellness that they can practically ignore the calendar.
            And now back to the main topic of this meditation – “What I Think I Know.” I truly cannot remember any time when I was not inquisitive and idealistic.  Life lessons from a great mom instilled in me a passion for trying to figure things out and for trying to make things better.  These same elemental desires still provide the foundation for all of my efforts to understand and to communicate.  
I also received inspiration and guidance from some wise quotations from three great thinkers - Socrates, Whitman and Thoreau.   Socrates bolstered my inquisitiveness with his counsel that “the unexamined life is not worth living.”  Walt Whitman further reinforced this with his injunction to “question much and obey little.”  And Thoreau outlined how a simple and unencumbered material existence helps foster an abundant philosophical life with this statement: “a man is rich in direct proportion to the number of things that he can live without.”
And now, as I look back from my Middle Years, at all of my striving to understand and improve, what have these pursuits bequeathed me?  Unfortunately, the answer is DISILLUSION and DISCOURAGEMENT.  It has not yet degenerated into DESPAIR, but sometimes I feel like I am standing at the border about to enter that bleak territory.   
I challenge anyone to deeply investigate this world, and not emerge with their beliefs shattered.  Every institution that we are trained to respect in our formative years, is at best fraudulent and at worst pathological.  The State, the Church, the Military, the Police, the Intelligence Agencies, the Corporate World, and the Media are all corrupt to the core and are now just metastasized tumors of greed, hubris and violence. 
·        THE STATE – The Western Democracies are a total charade.  They might claim to answer to the will of the people, but their actions prove that they answer almost exclusively to the will of the RICH people.  They are a more subtle - and therefore more insidious - modern version of aristocracy or oligarchy.  Competing with these depraved, lip-service democracies is a truly frightening retro form of government - Islamic Theocracies.  Seeking to reinstate cultural codes that were repugnant even in the Iron Age, these aberrant social deformities continue gaining ascendancy as a counter-weight to what they perceive as Western degeneracy.  With these as the two main governmental options, the term “lose-lose situation” leaps to mind.
·        THE CHURCH – The earthly mission of Religion Inc. can be summed up in one word – CONTROL.  Churches want to dominate people’s lives.  And they do this with hideous weapons – either fear-mongering or the promise of salvation.  Any cult whose foundation rests upon two concepts that cannot be proven – namely that a god exists and that there is a heaven and a hell – should immediately be suspect and presumed to be a con.  But instead, the religious powers have managed to convince most of the planet that such absurdities don’t require evidence and can be accepted on the basis of faith.  And even though the priests and rabbis and mullahs claim that religious savagery is a thing of the past, just look at today’s headlines and it is clear that sacred butchery is still a global scourge. 
·        THE MILITARY – The most powerful element of what I call The Malignant Overlords is the military/industrial complex.  Their lobbyists roam Washington like bloated locusts campaigning for endless war.  Indeed, in the last few weeks Leon Panetta has claimed that the conflict with ISIS could stretch out for 30 years.  These people are putrid inside.  They create the most obscene weaponry and just when you think they cannot get any worse, they come up with something even more despicable.  Now they want to weaponize space and cyberspace.  And because of our “no-future for young people economy” they have a steady stream of poor kids for whom killing and getting killed is their best economic option.
·        THE POLICE  - Only a fool can look at the evolution of the U.S. police force and still believe that their role is to serve and protect.  They look like galactic storm-troopers and they behave like a playground bully on steroids.  Vets returning from the Middle East repeatedly claim that U.S. cops have better combat gear than they did overseas.  They have not been militarized by accident.  The Malignant Overlords realize that the serfs will eventually reach a breaking point; and so they intend to have enormous tactical advantage.
·        THE INTELLIGENCE AGENCIES – It is difficult to not bring up the “military intelligence is an oxymoron” argument here.  But even more important than their rampant incompetence, is the depravity of their mission.  Essentially, their duty is to undermine any leader or government that refuses to “play ball with America.”  This is code for allowing U.S. corporations free reign within that sovereign country to avail themselves of the best resources and the cheapest labor.  In the good old days, the U.S. Marines would pave the way for the United Fruit Company.  But now it is the spook agencies that “open up markets” for the American multi-nationals.
·        THE CORPORATE WORLD – Where should I begin when citing the evils of the Multi-nationals?  Their only allegiance is to PROFIT.  They don’t care about people or countries or the planet.  The scorn they have for their workers is aptly demonstrated by their policy of “off-shoring.”   This is OrwellSpeak for firing millions of workers and vaporizing entire industrial areas; leaving behind a wasteland of poverty, addiction and despair.  This off-shoring also ravages the peasants at the other end of this profit river.   Those largely self-sufficient farmers suddenly find themselves lured or forced into sweatshops where they are overworked at slave wages.  But as bad as the manufacturing corporations are, they seem enlightened when compared to the financial institutions which have become a massive part of the global economy.  These soul-less entities, receive billions in taxpayer bailouts and yet won’t even make loans to Main Street.  Instead they play the international financial market casino in which vast profits are made through the trading of absolutely nothing of value to society.  It’s all high-frequency gibberish and voodoo.
·        THE MEDIA – I am tempted to use the phrase “The Pimpery” here, even though I doubt if there is such a word.  But it surely is appropriate.  When almost all of the major media are owned by six or seven major players, who are all obscenely rich, whose interests do you think they will promote?  I am old enough to remember a time when there were reporters who sought the truth or the story behind the story.  Now they seek only career advancement and face time on the Tube.  I can’t watch the nightly news without an air sickness bag nearby.   
This brief description of the corruption and perversity of the bedrock institutions of modern civilization is profoundly troubling.  But the future appears even bleaker, when one assesses the trajectory of events.  It is as if the Malignant Overlords have taken Orwell’s 1984, which was written as a cautionary novel, and turned it into an operating manual.  It genuinely appears that they are trying to structure a society of rulers, technicians and serfs.  Their spying capabilities, their militarized police, their desire to plant microchip tracking  devices in everyone, certainly leads one to conclude that what the elites truly desire is a HUMAN HERD that can be controlled and dominated. 
As I survey this panorama, from what I hope is the maturity of my Middle Years, I see little cause for optimism.  Electoral politics surely won’t change things.  And revolution is practically suicidal, given the surveillance powers and the militarized police that the State can wield. 
So what is left?  I believe that the only possible solution is COLLAPSE.  The whole putrid, artificial and violent edifice must fall.  Don’t try to reform it!  Don’t try to overthrow it!  Abandon it!  Escape!  Flee!   Go somewhere and find a mode of living that provides you as much separation as possible from the tentacles of a soul-less, joy devouring civilization.
And as it slouches towards self-immolation, prepare yourself to survive the collapse.  It could source from any or all of what I call the Big Bad “E”s – Energy, Economics or Ecology.  It will be massive and destructive.  And if you do “make it through to the other side” as a singer/poet once said, I hope you help sculpt a neo-tribal future that is sustainable, just, caring, joyous and authentic. 
By the way, that is a future that I live in the present.  You can do so as well!  If I help inspire you in that direction, then that can be my birthday present to you.   
Happy birthday  - my unknown friends!        

Saturday, February 25, 2017

Sweden - Trump Is Correct

Reading over time of the problems  other countries are and have been having in regard to their taking in refuges from other countries, the below information only confirms what I've learned is true.  Yes, our world is surely in a shake-up.


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Swedish Leaders Have a Message For Trump That Has Democrats Flipping Out
February 23, 2017 By C.E. Dyer

President Donald Trump made waves this week with comments about Sweden that shined a huge light on the devastation the country has faced in the wake of a disastrous open-door policy that has allowed Muslim migrants to flood in. While leftists have tried to put the lid on the truth, prominent Swedish politicians have affirmed Trump’s comments.

In a Wall Street Journal op-ed, Jimmie Akesson and Mattias Karlsson, who both serve as leaders of the Democrats in Sweden, agreed with Trump’s assessment of the massive crime wave that has hit the Nordic country thanks to a flood of Muslim migrants.
“Mr. Trump did not exaggerate Sweden’s current problems,” Akesson and Karlsson wrote. “If anything, he understated them.”
Fox News reported:
    Trump was ridiculed by many after he gave a speech Saturday citing Sweden among a list of European countries affected by the scourge of Islamic terror. Referring to the massive number of Middle Eastern refugees that have poured into the country, Trump said Sweden was “having problems like they never thought possible.” Some Swedish politicians openly derided Trump’s portrayal of the country – but riots in a heavily immigrant suburb of Stockholm on Monday evening put an end to most of the mockery.
“Riots and social unrest have become a part of everyday life,” Akesson and Karlsson wrote.
    Police officers, firefighters and ambulance personnel are regularly attacked. Serious riots in 2013, involving many suburbs with large immigrant populations, lasted for almost a week. Gang violence is booming. Despite very strict firearms laws, gun violence is five times as common in Sweden, in total, as in the capital cities of our three Nordic neighbors combined.
Akesson and Karlsson added: “Anti-Semitism has risen. Jews in Malmo are threatened, harassed and assaulted in the streets. Many have left the city, becoming internal refugees in their country of birth.”
The Swedish Democrats concluded their op-ed with a warning to the U.S.
“For the sake of the American people,” Akesson and Karlsson wrote, “with whom we share so many strong historical and cultural ties, we can only hope that the leaders in Washington won’t make the same mistakes that our socialist and liberal politicians did.”

Thursday, February 23, 2017

Deplorable? Lower Than A Snake's Belly!

Here's something you shouldn't miss
The unthinkable
Rape and abuse are rampant at some nursing homes. A CNN investigation found more than 1,000 facilities across the country have been cited for mishandling suspected cases of sex abuse.

I know a few who existed in nursing homes, I know of much abuse happening constantly in nursing homes.  Yet I didn't know the extent of this sex abuse. 

I say, "Hang 'Em High.  Castrate is a good remedy!