Tuesday, July 17, 2018

Legal Robbery!

I'm passing along this link for you to read for yourself.  I was "mind-boggled" by the information regarding the fact that we are being  fully scammed! Scammed by our drug suppliers.

One example:  Medicine for Infantile Spasms was $40 in 2001.  Today it costs $38, 892.


In 1973 I bought my daughter's insulin for $2.42 a bottle.  Today depending on type, it costs in the
$-hundreds.  And then there are the pills that cost in the $-Thousands. That was my sil's experience after his kidney transplant - $5,000 for one pill, taken often during recuperation. Even with his insurance, it really set them back financially.

We have problematic issues, don't we?

It's not just in the medicine field that we are literally being robbed but in so many other areas. Give a thought to our car expenditures . . . .

. . . . shoe prices; ranging into  a few hundred$ a pair.  Ridiculous.  Though I just spent $100 for a good pair of shoes from Vionic.com., which I consider that a very good investment to correct my spinal misalignment.

What gives that a dental cleaning now cost  $200 for a ten minute service -my teeth are few! (grin)

Tuesday, July 10, 2018

You and That 'Deadly' Cell Phone - Brain Damage (A Link)


I can see the future, epitaphs chiseled in stone and stating "I talked too much"

Tuesday, June 26, 2018

I Grin, Although . . .

I didn't know dogs could hide their grins!  You?  Grin along with me.

Monday, June 25, 2018

One Simple Question

What a change we have wrought in our society!


Thursday, June 21, 2018

An Amazing Innovation

Here is a couple minutes video that lifted my heart for these people who know "Where there's a  will, there's a way".  I watched this a few years ago and felt admiration for these people of the Philippines and their will and innovative minds.

Highlight and click to watch.  You won't be disappointed.


Ten years ago I was told firsthand of the poverty existing in the Philippines. This man had spent quite some time living there, mingling and sharing with his hosts.  Desperately poor and deprived is all he saw but their attitudes - they were very happy people.

There is a lesson here that we all need to learn.  MoreThings/ More Stuff are not the means to happiness, far from it. We of my country are very spoiled, too money oriented.

Sunday, June 17, 2018

Forget The Golf

Block out the golf club, the crowd at the sideline and the man wearing the dark shirt.  Focus only on the player.  Now pay attention and imagine your body in this position.  Feel the muscles you use for this.  Can you do it?  Maybe, maybe not.  Not  me.  - - -

I can't.  I use to be so flexible and fit. I easily could hold this position.  Not so now.