Wednesday, July 21, 2021

You Are So Impeded When In-Cognizant - Aloe is Now Illegal ? Read This

I'm a hoarder with information documents.  Found this from a few years past.  Read on



There is a magazine that I became aware of years ago.  One old copy was given me along with a stack of National Geograpic magazines.  Of course, I was so pleased for the NG copies for I love this magazine with its many photographs.

The one old copy mentioned was NEXUS.  Through the years, I would come across it again and again, the last time intending to trash it.  It may not be widely known but I have been classified of a Hoarder.  So be it.  Least I have a highly-varied or just varied existence.

So, back to the NEXUS magazine; published out of Australia.  It is good; thought provoking.  I googled the name, trying to learn something about it.  Found it!    Next I signed up for their website -  Very expensive, a high wall against my access.  Then I saw the 'free articles' link to the side of the screen.  So that is all I get to delve into.  One day though, $ maybe. 
Nonetheless, I do have access to some very interesting and helpful information to broaden my knowledge.  I so enjoy learning.

Today I was in documents to find my list of potential reading from my local library.  I'd come across a prolific author whose one certain book was banned by certain factions - I won't name it; thus you will only be able to guess who and what.  Actually, I was stunned finding I could get it via the library and looked for my reading list to add its title for future borrowing.

While in documents, I found an Adobe document about the Codex Alimentarious.  Ever heard the term?  No?  Well, unfortunately, most people have never heard it.  Hmm, most of us never hear of many things that could aid us greatly in maneuvering in life.  So many are incognizant of so much.  A good example of this is our current chaotic political scene swallowing us.
I heard and read some about this Codex Alimentarious (translate-food Code) several years ago.  I only recall information about the banning of certain nutritional substances, such as vitamins and minerals, taking them off the store shelves.  That was worrisome enough.  I recall reading that Aloe plant had become illegal.  Ye gads what is happening, I thought.  I use aloe plant for relief of several maladies - a "Duh" to the know-it-all authority.  No one I've mentioned this illegality to had a clue of this and they also said "Duh" about such a decision by the almighty authorities.

Sunday, June 20, 2021

I Was Born

 White.  My ancestors  born White.  No Guilt, No Apologies.