Wednesday, January 11, 2017

My Hope Is

Sometime they'll give a war and nobody will come. -Carl Sandburg

Sunday, January 1, 2017

The Lie of Our Lives

 I watched this very short video on another blog:  http://www.TwoCedarsMicroFarm.blogspotcom
"The Lie We Live".  Then found it at the link below.  Maybe it will help you also to open eyes more to the truth of it all. It tells a sad story.

Do You Have a Question?

Question authority.  Always question.

They Fixed That ...Maybe :))

Here is one couple's response/retaliation to that life-intrusive SPAM we all have to contend with.

Personally, Spam drives me crazy too, all these offers of 'help' to us. Yeek!  I liked reading the response here to the CEO of the company - truth plus a few giggles from me.  Giggles - a good way to start my new year.  Happy New Year to you too.

 Their letter:

 Re:  E- mail received     " We miss you at Vacations To Go!"

My dear Mr. Fox,
I appreciate your personal contact with me.  Thank you.

I am happy to tell you that "No, I do not wish to have anything to do with your company.
I have been receiving the junk in my spam folder very often, for many years!  This is nonsense; except for the top dogs of your company pocketing the better part of proceeds.  Employees get the least!

In the first place, only well-off people could utilize your offers.  W ere not well-off and far from it.  I can't afford a drive down to splash in the local creek, much less ride the ocean, nor can I move about. I am 86, wife is79.  We are creaking badly, so why might you think that people in the same positions as we are would be interested in your product/whatever? 

Your business was in my town at one time, friends worked there.  I do know it's reputation, which was not good, not good at all. What they worked at was a scam.

So, if you would please, cut complete contact with me and hopefully you haven't or won't pass my address to someone else out to do their spamming scams.  So tired of the junk mail, sir. 

My intention, now that we will have a new government, is to address the very unwelcome-mail issue with it.

Now you have a pleasant day, Mr. Fox,  and it may pay for you to take some time to sit and meditate on your position for your livelihood.  Only good morals make a man a true man. You have the choice - to have integrity or be less than a true man. Having integrity is the best praise for a human.


The Shandlers

Thursday, December 29, 2016

A REPOST FROM TIME GONE BY - Gabriel Garcia Marquez - His Beautiful Farewell

A coincidence today seeing Gabriel G Marquez' name online as I'd recently searched my library for his books.  Once long ago I read one of his novels; must have been a thousand pages, as I thought back on the time I read it.  It took me forever to finish and I'm a fast reader.  Marquez is Good!  Reading about a different culture, though, was a challenge for me.

It so happened that Marquez died very shortly after this and he left behind some powerful words.

You might enjoy reading some of his works.  I have four his books requested at our local library. They will be able for pick-up in about a week.  Maybe by then I can have a couple read that I checked out yesterday

 Please enjoy his words of goodbye to all his friends and family.

A Genius Says Goodbye   Gabriel Garcia Marquez 

Mr. Gabriel Garcia Marquez, great Latin American writer, has said goodbye to the public life due to complications in his health: lymphatic cancer. He has sent a letter to his friends and thanks to the Internet we all are able to share it. This short text written by one of the most brilliant Latin Americans of the past years is really inspiring:

"If for an instant God forgot that I am just a puppet and He gave me one more piece of life, I would take advantage of that time, the best I could. I probably would not say everything I think, but definitely think all I say.

I would value things not for what they are worth but for what they represent.

I would sleep less and dream more, for every minute we close our eyes, we lose sixty seconds of light.

I would continue where others have stopped and I would rise while others sleep.

If God allowed me one more piece of life, I would dress simpler, would wallow in the sunlight, leaving uncovered, not only my body but my soul.

I would prove to men how wrong they are to think that they stop falling in love as they get older, since they actually start getting older as soon as they stop falling in love.

I would give wings to the children, but I would leave the child alone so that he can learn to fly on his own.

To the old, I would show them how death comes not with the aging process but with forgetting.

So many things I have learned from you . . . I have learned that everybody wants to live at the top of the mountain, forgetting that how we climb is all that matters.

I have learned that when a newborn grabs his father's thumb he takes hold on him forever.

I have learned that a man has the right to look down on somebody only when he is helping him to get up.

So many things I have learned from you. . . .

Always tell what you feel and do what you think.
If I knew that today it would be the last time that I will see you, I will embrace you strongly to be the guardian of your soul.

If I would know that this would be the last minute that I will see you, I would say to you, "I love you"and wouldn't assume that you would know it.

There is always morning when life gives us another opportunity to make things good.

Keep always close to you your dear ones and tell them how much you need them and love them and take care of them.
Take time to say, "I am sorry", "Forgive me", and "Please", "Thank you" and all the nice and lovely words you know.

Nobody would remember you if you keep your thoughts secret. Force yourself to express them; show your friends and dear ones how much you care about them.

If you don't, tomorrow will be the same as today and it will not matter either...

For you, with much love and care.
Gabriel Garcia Marquez

Tuesday, December 27, 2016

A Focus for Today

“The unwillingness to forgive another is a curse upon yourself.”