Friday, August 31, 2012

Remark from an Intelligent Man ***

"It is terrible to contemplate how few politicians are hanged" ___  G. K. Chesterton

Mr. Chesterton is long gone but his writings live on.  He lived and died back in the 1800's.

Monday, August 27, 2012

...and They Looked at Me as If I'm Crazy? ***

"I can see clearly now", "nothing but blue skies" ... words from a song.

Today if anyone is still unaware or disbelieves what I have been seeing and concerned about for more than ten years; of what I strongly felt was a situation that was most likely harmful and not to our benefit, I pity them for their 'head in the sand' stance and disability; the disability to see what has  been right before their eyes.  I speak about those around me, such as my children (adults), family and friends...and possibly YOU too.

The second time I saw these sky-crossing white trails, I felt it had nothing to do with the atmosphere up there that would cause a plane's contrail not to dissipate as is normal.  A few actually got angry with me for speaking about this odd appearance in our sky.  Several looked at me as if I were crazy and there were those who had the courage to tell me "You are CraZy!"  Some finally noticed the white trails without my prodding, yet they seemed not the least concerned.

Finally I realized I was wasting my time and effort to point out what was happening above our heads; but continued on with my own observing, day in and day out, over the many years.  I believe I once wrote about these chemtrails (I'm too lazy right this moment to check earlier posts) and told about sitting on the deck early one day watching the chemtrails being laid out in a grid X pattern and after watching several minutes, when I felt a fine grainy substance hitting my face.  That is when I knew for certain whatever was being sprayed was raining down on me, us, the ground!  I have since read that one should stay inside when the planes are spraying, laying the criss-crossing lines.

Today I can say that the spraying has slowed down greatly in this area I live, yet not completely.  To be able to look up and see a beautiful, brilliant blue and puffy-clouded sky gives me a surge of joy to be alive.  It takes me back to younger years when our sky was untouched by manipulators.

The chemtrails were/are sprayed world-wide from what I have gathered.  In the pictures below, you can see the thin one freshly laid out and the two widening ones that were laid out about 15 minutes before.  They spread far out and connect until the whole sky is one cloudy mess.  Eventually, it usually would come rain; not always but most of the time.

I watched the chemtrails being laid out
while sitting on my deck

Another day

See the different widths?

(Date on pictures are the downloaded-to-computer date)

Today I read an article regarding chemtrails and came across the video below:  it is about the aluminum within the clouds spreading across our sky.  Not just aluminum but several other metals/chemicals.

There are many videos on the internet one can view to verify what is happening still.  The different ways and means that our world and its societies is being harmed is both scary and horrifying to me.
When you have finished with the video, go look up electromagnetic frequencies ELF/pulse, HAARP, cell phone damage, Smart Meters, cell towers, etc.  The list goes on endlessly of the ways we are being so greatly harmed.  Keep digging! You too will be boggled.

Yeah, yeah, yeah, I'm aware you probably think I'm crazy too for being so concerned about all this but realize: I have lots of time on hand to observe what goes on around me.

I also am seeing so many people with the same complaints about their health and the same symptoms that are showing up in so many ...take cancers, for instance.  It used to be that only in the wintertime did we get colds, the flu or allergy problems only arose in the Spring or Fall.  Now all the
dis-ease-ment is year-round.

I keep a supply of my Colloidal Silver on hand, just in case.  I made a good supply last week.  Know that I feel like Sq#%@ most of the time from my Old-Age-Complaints but I haven't had a cold or the flu in several years and now that I've started having my Honey & Cider Vinegar drink  (you want the recipe?)  often, I have even been on the Lawn Horse again for the first time in two years.   Whoopee! I believe there is hope for me to continue on with life for awhile longer.   Hope your day is going as well as mine is this blue-sky afternoon.

This is taken in the autum but today is just as gorgeous

Saturday, August 25, 2012

One "Eagle" Neil Armstrong Dies and Life Continues Forward***

Today Neil Armstrong, age 82 has died.  Many of us well remember the first landing on the moon and Neil was the first man to stand on this satellite of planet Earth. 
Neil Armstrong, First Man on the Moon, July 20, 1969

"Armstrong died following complications resulting from cardiovascular procedures, a statement Saturday from his family said."

Selling my Commemorative Plate of First Moon Landing.  The 12" diameter plate hangs in my "Stuff and Such" place.  If you are interested email me (see address(@About Me).  It is a very nice collectible to  commemorate a piece of history.  All offers considered.

Exploration of space has advanced by leaps and gallops since that time July 20, 1969. What might we accrue in space knowledge over the next 40 years, I wonder.

Recently, planet Mars was the newest landing site, according to NASA. We citizens of earth are only told just enough to titillate our curiosity.....although we are footing the bill and should know what we are getting for our money.

Oddly, I recall an announcement some time ago that NASA would do no more space tripping journeys. 'Nothing on Mars' is my understanding. Hmmph! Just wait; next thing we'll possibly, probably, hear is "We have encountered the Little Green Men!"
Hello, dear Human

LOL, Ahhaha, the laugh is on you.  Take us to your leaders!

Why does government go to such extremes to keep us 'Earthlings' uninformed of the truth of matters?

Could it be we are under very constrictive control?
Nah, Never.

Steven Greer's Project
Dr. Steven Greer, an emergency room doctor, is the guiding hand with the "Disclosure Project". Probably you haven't heard of it, so do some research for yourself - google the terms. This project began back in 2000, gradually building momentum over the years, gaining more information daily about all the hidden facts of what has been going on with the "hidden agendas" that are funded by "we the people". Hmm, the more I read, the more I learn. Mind boggling stuff it is. Totally astounding! Tiny bits and hints are now reaching us via the public media but still....

I won't forget, ever, the triangular object/craft that hovered over my head for several minutes years ago.  Wonder if I got zapped?

It is time to take the lid off the secrecy pot.

Goodbye, Neil Armstrong. Fly high. You were a part of great discoveries happening.

Neil Armstrong

Armstrong speaking

Armstrong, Aldrin and Edwards 1969

REALITY - Heads Up, Eyes Open An Interview for You ***

This audio has really opened my mind further.  Listen to this interview with John Kaminski, an independent journalist, who lives in Florida.   Independents have no one ordering them about what is to be said/not said, disclosed/keep your mouth shut, which I find so welcome. A writer who has been reporting much over the years regarding what is true, real and going on with our country and our world.  I have been receiving the written reports/articles over the last 10 years.  Most assuredly, no doubt it will expand your knowledge also.  I know it will give you some views of what is really happening, not what we are constantly fed by the top media day in and day out.

Dr Carley is a well-known anti-vaccination activist.  I find many links regarding Dr. Carley, another common sense American citizen.

Dr. Rebecca Carley
at a younger age

Rescuing reality from the spin machine (audio version)
Dr. Rebecca Carley interview with  John Kaminski 8/19/12.  Click on the link below:

by John Kaminski

Collection of Journalistic Writings by John Kaminski

If this information resonates with you and considered important enough to be shared with others, please do not hesitate to forward and share.

Dr. Rebecca Carley

Friday, August 24, 2012

Wonder who had this bright idea - Mining ***

 to take outright the mineral rights to your land and protect themselves under what is called Law? 
gold nugget

My guess is - one of those Boars or Bores 

 Boar - a male pig.   Piggy, Piggy, Piggy as in greedy.  As in Big Oil.

Gold nuggets within the host mineral

"The meek shall inherit the earth, but not the mineral rights".
  John Paul Getty

Strip mining for coal in W Virginia

Weary and Worn coal miner

Mining equipment - Strip mining

Saturday, August 18, 2012

Running on Algae ***

Pond algae
Can algae be a viable alternative

to petroleum-based fuel?

Algae grows rapidly, and contains

a high amount of fatty molecules,

that can be converted into biodiesel.

Compared to corn, algae can generate up

to 50 X the amount of oil per acre, and

can be transported to gas stations using

our existing infrastructure.

Investment dollars are flowing...

Large pond covered with algae

Learn more here!

Video: (3:09)

Watch this short video.  I find  the information very worthy of consideration.  Algae fuel would cut down on the automotive pollution to our planet's air, land, water and humans.

Big Oil Companies will have their hands in the pot by hook or by crook most likely.  They don't intend to be replaced and lose all their billions of profit raked in constantly.

Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Edited - Won't This Make You Tremble or Tingle in Your Boots! ***

  Did you know Google/Facebook directs what pages/links an individual may find on his screen?  Depending on where you live, what your interests are, your affiliation of many things?  MOST likely mine is totally different information and or links than what yours is.  Click the link and listen to the young man talk about this. I'd never have dreamed that we are steered! in whatever direction 'someone' wants us to go!

From,  TED a good place to learn things we didn't know before!

click on it and raise your awareness.

Points Past to Ponder - Kent State ***

Some good music by good voices and background pictures memories of the past.  Always remember.  Never forget.

Lest we forget
When will we stand? 

Where were you?
Perchance you were there.  Brotherly love.
Just imagine.

He was my brother.  He was Your brother.
Aren't we all brothers?

Kent State Campus May 4, 1970