Sunday, May 28, 2017

Honor Our Dead

Copy and paste.

Beautiful music and reflective scenes of our Civil War

Saturday, May 27, 2017

"And Now We Know"

What's Really Going on in Oregon! Taking Back the Narrative ! KrisAnne Hall

impressive speaker. knows law.

Thursday, May 25, 2017

We the Polluters

Let us NEVER forget all our actions bring reactions.

Our home is in critical danger ...we each are contributing to it's demise.

What have we went out and bought today?  Next question: Was it necessary?

The bird 'remains' pictured above is one of our sins! I too am so guilty.  Changing my ways and

habits has greatly awakened me to what we are doing to our only home.

A very sad state of affairs we have created.

Every( !) time we buy, we also accumulate more plastic.  The bird was filled with plastic. It is only

one of millions creatures being effected by our ignorance and stupidity.

Monday, May 15, 2017

Opportunities Often are Missed and Passed By

Pondering between my physical pains and sorrow about my lost and wasted time, I wandered about from spot to spot, subject to subject most of this morning, finishing up with an article about one of the Beatles, George Harrison.   He died of cancer, throat cancer.  I didn't know this.
I liked some of the Beatles' music but never would be considered a follower of the group.  Probably I was still entrenched listening to country music.

Oh, I forgot; there was Elvis! He had hit the music scene by then, after exposure on the " Ed Sullivan Show".  Young, lively and impressionable, many of us were enchanted with the hip-jerking-Elvis; a far cry from that which we'd been used to hearing on the radio.  "Right on!" his followers said
 Next came the Beatles onto the music scene, with their bowl cuts.  'Weird looking hairstyle', I thought. Without understanding words in music,  I missed much.  For instance, the words below written by George Harrison  are ones I wish I'd heard back then in the Beatles hay-day.  They aren't uttered on the music Charts today, I don't think.  Too bad.  Maybe the words and music today are greatly adding to mankind's turmoil?

"Everything else can wait," , "but the search for God cannot wait."  George Harrison often said

George Harrison lyrics
"Within You Without You"

We were talking about the space between us all
And the people who hide themselves behind a wall of illusion
Never glimpse the truth, then it's far too late, when they pass away
We were talking about the love we all could share
When we find it, to try our best to hold it there with our love
With our love, we could save the world, if they only knew

Try to realize it's all within yourself
No one else can make you change
And to see you're really only very small
And life flows on within you and without you

We were talking about the love that's gone so cold
And the people who gain the world and lose their soul
They don't know, they can't see, are you one of them?

When you've seen beyond yourself then you may find
Peace of mind is waiting there
And the time will come when you see we're all one
And life flows on within you and without you

Yesterday, Today, Tomorrow. Forever?

It is a marvel that it all continues   ...but it does.  Have you ever questioned why?  Earth is truly a warring planet

WWI total number of deaths includes about 11 million military personnel and about 7 million civilians.
File:British wounded Bernafay Wood 19 July 1916.jpg
wounded walking WWI  1916  (copied from wikipedia)
 Our disabled dreams, yet we continue to hang on to our dreams.  Why?  Hope springs eternal, that's why.

Tuesday, May 9, 2017

As I Wander, I Rediscover,

ponder and learn.

You may never have heard of Edgar Cayce.  Many haven't.  Cayce was called the Sleeping Prophet.  As he would sleep, he was able to 'access' information that helped people who came to him for advice for their issues/problems.

Cayce died in 1945
To be able to remember the sunset, to be able to remember a beautiful conversation, a beautiful deed done where hope and faith were created, to remember the smile of a babe, the blush of a rose, the harmony of a song – a bird's call; these are creative. For if they are a part of thyself, they bring you closer and closer to God. 
-- Edgar Cayce reading 1431-1

Saturday, May 6, 2017

Effect of Cell Phones on Society

...and  other 'points' pointed out to me today

"I’ve often thought that our motto, “In God We Trust,” should be changed to “What’s In It For Me?”  It will, in fact, take something like an act of God to get Americans to stop using cell phones in public, because annoying the people around you is not something we worry about (there is no society, after all, in our world view–just individual “atoms”).
Morris Berman - cultural historian, writer, teacher and more 
Having wandered this morning I came upon the name, Morris Berman, then proceeded from there.  So glad I did.  You too may find Mr. Berman a noteworthy writer.  He has written at least 12 'should-read' books.; Should be read by every citizen everywhere. We all need to learn the facts of life; not continue dilly-dallying around with our toys and fictionalized lives.
Mercy! Amazon is taking over the market, the market of everything, apparently.  I sometimes wonder: must I sell the shirt off my back and save for a transaction with Amazon?  Ah, the business certainly was aptly named!
I usually first check for books at the local library.  Too often, ones I'm very interested in are not available.  I find that fiction has a terribly big draw there.  This only makes me realize how people are so mesmerized with shallowness - an easier road to travel life.  One library assistant is in charge of ordering non-fictional books.  How does this woman's mind travel, I wonder.  Books ordered on 'her opinion'.  Another girl does all the ordering of fiction.  My word, you just refuse to believe what the juvenile shelves offer.  Of course, this ordering is based on that which the locals are interested in OR the assistant's views.  So, in the end, I either can't find a book or forced to steer over to that Amazon place.  
Have you ever wondered why books are so expensive today?  Can we blame this on "Inflation"? Hm Pah!
Hope you have as happy a day as mine.  I'm just pondering about and happy as a clam with all the spring greenery and sunshine.  Why this gusty wind though?
I explored the annual "Friends of the Library" book sale last weekend.  Missed going the first day and was informed by someone that the stock was down by 50%!  I'm dubious about this, for there are  rows of tables covered in orderly parades of books, many shining covers looking untouched.  All is donated freely; how in the world can anyone buy a book for a truly high cost, read it once and dispose of it - and this definitely is happening, more so every day.  Just think of the $thousands$ invested for a momentary diversion.  If you are a book buyer such as I, you can see this. I actually feel guilt buying a book for almost nothing, especially a learning-tool.
I bought 6.  Now where to find a spot to place them? I'll have to live to be 150 to read my libraries. Yes, with an 'S'.