Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Sharing a Laugh *

Women and cats will do as they please; men and dogs should relax and get used to it

Robert A. Heinlein

Monday, January 20, 2014

Ideals to Absorb, Actions to Emulate, Worldwide Horrors

Robert F. Kennedy, "On Courage.

To your left is Coyote Prime, posting on his website  http://www.running'causeIcan'tfly'.com  a most beautiful speech given by Robert Kennedy to the youth of South Africa, which made a deep impression on me.  It may do the same for you. Scroll down his list of recent posts.  He stays very busy informing us on matters that matter.  Nothing shy or silent about CP.

Even more impressive is the short video that possibly you have never seen; a brave young man stands up against the war machines (I viewed 17 tanks in a line) entering Tiananmen Square in June of 1989 -   Not that his action stopped the carnage/massacre that occurred; yet the man's move goes to show that we each have an opportunity to face oppression and wrongdoings if but we decide to do so and show the courage not to remain silent.  Silence in the face of a wrong is only another word for 'Agreement' or 'Cowardice'.  I can only imagine whether he died in his bravery to stand in front of the tank. Probably so.

Coyote Prime is a   Choctaw native American.  I'm certain he is aware of the injustices done to the native Americans far more than we, the intruders, ever will be.  His posts are published, hopefully to WAKE US UP!  Sadly, I feel the "many" are lingering in ignorance and apathy and with the attitude of  'Let George do it' - like 85% "many".

This past week I stopped at the local library to return books and decided to check out some videos.
I know zilch about movies, so being in a hurry, I pulled the 4 allowed each patron off the shelf at random.  One called "American Outrage" is a documentary of the Shoshone tribe in Nevada and Montana and features the Dann sisters, (do Google search) Mary and Carrie, who are/were ranchers and activists fighting against the great wrongs done against their tribe by the Powers-That-Be and in essence, each one of us because of our ignorance and apathy and cowardliness to speak out against the horrors perpetrated against all native American tribes and the many others unable to stand up against the Monster-Machines in power. The video is about an hour long, made by the husband/wife team named Gage.  My skin crawled, I chilled, I sobbed, my heart shattered once again. 

The invasive monstrosities are going on all over the world, yet we sit back in our comfort and remain mute! Play with our toys! and our mutters of  "What a shame". 

The documentary told of Mary Dann's death and most likely Carrie has passed on also by now.  Hopefully others,  just as strong minded, have taken up the crusade.  Our government offered these tribal landowners a measly approximately $26,000,000 for 24,000,000 acres many years ago.  The natives rejected the offer.  What has transpired since - I'm unaware.  I must begin to study about this outrage against humanity.  I too am shamefully guilty of silence, ignorance and apathy, although deep in my soul, there has always been a torn and ripped wound, clawing to scream out against all injustices.

There are many videos on YouTube.com regarding the horrors being done under the 'guise of legality'.  The evidence is plentiful and easy to be accessed.  When will we wake up?  When will we take a stand and say "No more!".

Also this week I read a report of Obama signing papers authorizing that homeowners in northwest Montana will be removed! Many thousands! All of them!  Our media doesn't report this.  Why? Well, it might raise the ire of righteous defenders.  It seems companies such as Monsanto with their GMO crops are fully taking over! Oil extraction, gold reclamation, water contamination, destroying the wild animals - What next?  Is there anything else left to destroy; all for the sake of the all mighty $$$$, under the Guise of Legality?

"Because a law is made doesn't necessarily mean it is right and moral".

" The Laws of the land are made by lawyers.  I trust no lawyer!