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Kaminski, Independent Journalist, Writes *** Resists

By John Kaminski

9/11 was the death of America
Now the corpse is really starting to smell

and nobody asks who they are?

The entity known as the United States of America has been killed on numerous occasions: in 1871 when the USA became a corporation, nullifying its Constitution; in 1913, when politicians instituted the income tax and the Federal Reserve system, allowing them to win World War I for the acquisition of Israel; in 1933 when FDR confiscated all the gold and declared the U.S. bankrupt; and last but not least, in 2001, when American leaders engineered a mind-boggling televised drama which killed thousands of their own citizens to galvanize the gullible into attacking the whole world on a perpetual basis to fight in that endless script of contrived horror known as the War on Terror.

Eleven years after the day America died, the recently aired PBS TV documentary by the architects and engineers who still believe in well-known laws of physics seemed to spark some vague interest, at least in media land, about the fact that no honest person can ever hope to make the U.S. government's story about 9/11 add up.

To watch the full revealing video on the PBS website, click on this link:
(if outside the US, click here)

To watch a concise, 15-minute version of this excellent documentary:

Where this line of questioning ultimately leads is to the fact that all the politicians in Washington have known for years that 9/11 was an inside job masterminded by the same Jewish operatives posing as U.S. citizens who have run the country for longer than 99 percent of the population can even conceive.

Why don't you know this? Because Hollywood and Jewish media characterize these saboteurs as just good old American citizens like Eric Cantor and Joe Lieberman saying we should divert Social Security money to Israel to help them fight the terror they endlessly create.

In fact, as I have been saying for almost a decade, all U.S. national elected officials since 2001 have known — and all certainly know by now — that 9/11 was hoax, and all the mayhem and tragedy that have happened since that time are simply demonic elaborations of that hoax that many of you have supported with heart and soul.

Every current public official in America is guilty of treason if they support the government's false 9/11 story. Maybe that's the kind of country it takes to go around the world killing people for pleasure and profit.

What this means to the surviving inhabitants of this Jewish invention known euphemistically as "tax-and-spend democracy" is that all your children you have sacrificed on the altar of this manufactured terror threat since that fateful Wednesday morning in 2001 have been for nothing but an insane population control strategy that you know nothing about, among the many things you know nothing about that have wrecked your life.

And even as you walk around contaminated by chemtrail nanomonsters, nutritional time bombs and a radioactive haze enveloping the globe, guaranteeing your accelerated disintegration, you still are not hearing the real story, because you are being atomized by an electromagnetic haze of debilitating frequencies that have been deliberately created to decrease the functioning of your brain.

Add on top of that the dominant form of human being, who in his cowardly terror of the forces around him is willing to accept the lie as long as it only hurts somebody else and not him. Now the majority of Americans cringe in their dark and cold apartments waiting for that day when it won't be somebody else.

The key to why 9/11 has never been solved — and why all these other "problems", across the board and around the world remain insoluble — is obvious to everyone on the planet. Yet virtually all of them, ever mindful of the need to feed their children and avoid the wrath of "them", dare not to speak the word.

As I have asked on numerous occasions: We have two presidential candidates whose entire staffs are completely composed of so-called dual Israeli-American citizens, all the TV networks and movie studios (as well as theaters and book publishers) owned by Jews, all the universities controlled by Jews, all the doctors and lawyers either Jews or controlled by Jews . . . and all so-called opposition media — those "courageous" people "speaking out" about "what's wrong" — never mentioning the word "Jew"!

How funny is that?
Back around 2004, the 9/11 skeptics movement was far more advanced than it is now. Jewish tentacles have worked assiduously to prohibit the use of the word Jew in every large 9/11 skeptics group. Combined with the total absence of provocative Jewish news in mainstream media — notably Chertov's release of the 70 Israeli terrorists rounded up by the FBI — Americans were convinced to enthusiastically endorse perpetual war against the designated enemy. (A notable exception to this is Dr. Ed Kendrick's

That there was no legitimate plane wreckage found at any of the four 9/11 crash sites has not swayed the opinion of the media-misled American citizenry from believing that their were four planes driven by 19 Arabs who it has been proven conclusively COULD NOT FLY a sophisticated jetliner. Consequently, for more than a decade, Americans have enthusiastically endorsed the mass murder of Muslims wherever they happened to be.

Evangelical Christian cheerleading for these atrocities showed the world what a truly vicious and insane bunch Christians can be.

Architect Gage's presentation focused on the "mysterious" collapse of WTC7, the tower not hit by a plane, and concluded that all three skyscrapers were wired for demolition, something ragtag terrorists in caves in Afghanistan are not noted for doing, opening up the whole "inside job" line of questioning.

In choosing the WTC7 subplot among the panoply of angles that have been used to irreversibly prove that government officials and media superstars have consistently lied to the world over time about what happened — and that both public policy and public education have evolved from these falsehoods — Gage chose the least controversial of the many assertions that prove the official version gives a distorted view of what actually happened.

Back in '04, when I was writing "The Day America Died," a chapbook published by WING-TV hero Victor Thorn ("9/11 Evil) and edited by Sofia Smallstorm (maker of the best 9/11 movie "9/11 Mysteries), the only argument about the details of what I wrote were how strongly I should bring up the Jewish role in all this — back in a day where nobody dared bring up the subject directly.

I observe now today that very little progress — in fact there is a noticeable retrogression — in use of the word Jew, and its connection to all the relevant names of the 9/11 caper: Silverstein, Sharon, Perle, Wolfowitz, Zakheim, Zelikov, Hellerstein, Chertov etc. and their twisted goy henchmen Cheney, Rumsfeld and the empty headed Bush Jr.

All the spiffy new websites chronicling the events of the world today are decidedly free of the word Jew, preferring "Illuminati," the dark forces, or the powers that be (TPTB), and insidiously concealing the true identity of the real dark force aimed at annihilating every last one its enemies — which are all those who are not members, or have been bought by this one clan, which everyone in the world is afraid to name.

Either way, America is dead. Whether the world marches on into preplanned terror never-ending war oblivion or we are somehow able to come together as actual human beings and avoid this robot-state now being designed and implemented for us, either way, America is dead.

The concept has been imploded by its own hypocrisy.

Under artificially darkening skies of ever intensifying storms, in the fateful election of 2012, we get to choose one of two candidates, both controlled by the forces of darkness and enthusiastically supporting the artificial reality War on Terror, which mandates death for all those who will not take the bribe and believe the lie.

     John Kaminski is a writer who lives on the Gulf Coast of Florida, constantly trying to figure out why we are destroying ourselves, and pinpointing a corrupt belief system as the engine of our demise. Solely dependent on contributions from readers, please support his work by mail: 250 N. McCall Rd. #2, Englewood FL 34223 USA.