Saturday, August 26, 2017

She Said

..."I was terrified I was going to die!"


I wondered about such nonsense.  Oh, dear. What nonsense.

Friday, August 25, 2017

Lessons for All

     "We are often asked to comment on the current state of affairs in your 

cultures worldwide.  It appears from your viewpoint that all is collapsing into 

a downward spiral that will end in the destruction of the reality that all of you 

currently reside in.

     The sphere that provides all with an environment of choice is a living 

energy as well as you are.  It responds to the energy it feels while breathing 

within an internal pulse.  All is energy. 

     It ebbs and flows with an electrical current that is biological in nature... as 

you are.  This movement has pulsated for many of your current calendar years 

if one were to calculate it by that standard.

     From our own perspective this sphere has had great movement for over 

millions of your years.  Civilizations too many to record have participated 

upon this place and others.

     By no means is this the only location of creation.  There are many energy vortexes.

     Since we are outside the timeline all is available, your past, present + probable futures. 

    Groupings of souls have incarnated in many civilizations that have risen 

and fallen.  Some of you recall them, others do not.  However, that does not 

dictate the reality.

     We would say that the underlying negativity attached to all of the 

perceived downward spirals no matter what timeline has been the lack of 

respect.  This includes the planet, towards each other and to the cores of your 

own souls.

     So we say that if indeed you wish to divert this perceived negative spiral 

begin by looking at your life.  Respect all energy no matter how different it 

may appear to you.  This environment was created by a diverse group of 

entities.  Each with unique perspectives. 

     Respect each other.  Respect nature.  The linear list is infinite.

     Incorporate respect in your lives.  Each of you is a unique manifestation.  

It was not intended for all to be a homogenized manifestation.   The 

uniqueness was intentional perhaps so respect would be learned. 

     One may disagree with anything, but respect for it should never be an 



Thursday, August 24, 2017

It Tore Me Up

Yesterday I drove to Bristol Regional Hospital to see my friend Peggy, who has been in this paticular hospital for over a month.  Her situation  progressively worsens.  She is dying from cancer and its treatments.  A stronger will to live I've never seen from anyone else.  Hers is a so-sad picture to look upon.  Her struggles have been for almost three years.  It all started with cancer on her tongue.  The tongue was removed at Vanderbilt in Nashville.  Later, the cancer developed in her neck again removed at Vanderbilt with a stay of another month there;  Peggy thinks it was a successful removal but it wasn't and most likely still spreading.but she was sent home by ambulance both times, but ONLY after the decision to send her home via her son's truck.  an incomprehensible decision by Vanderbilt.  On a ventilator for almost a month after admittance to Bristol.

She has practically spent these years in hospitals or specialty nursing homes with highly intensive treatments.  Seems the more they do, the more she declines.  It's just a matter of time.  Peggy is tall and carried her weight well.  Now she weighs only 87 lbs.  A grief for those of us watching this happen. Liquid feeding thru a tube has been going on since the beginning.  For much of that time,  she has some bad vomiting bouts.  Recently it erupted FROM THE TUBE.  For some time they didn't feed her because of vomiting.  Then she began to lose her weight faster.  We learned yesterday Peggy has a hernia that is reaching all the way into her esophagus and word of plans to operate!  She will never make it.  Vanderbilt had already informed her in June of her chances and quality of life in any way normal.  WHY ARE THEY CONTINUING TO INVADE to make her better?  Could you answer that question?

She communicates with her little writing board and pen.  Her mind is completely intact, except when she was very drugged.  Speechless and bed-fast, unable to sit up because of terrible head pains.

 Today, the neck surgery incision has mainly healed but she lies there with a trach and fully unable to utter a sound.  Arms entwined in tubes. Her eyes tell me so much.

 Peggy will soon be 65 and has the clearest skin I've seen.  Only slight wrinkles at her forehead,  No blemishes whatsoever.  A beautiful lady, to be sure.  What will be will be BUT never doubt the power of prayer.  Her attitude is always calmness and a weak but ready smile and concern for everyone else.  A heart of gold.  She informed me her care at Bristol is the BEST.  They know - Compassion is a very necessary emotion and the nurses have it.

She has used an instrument to remove saliva when it gathered, for if not she would strangle to death, being unable to swallow ever, after the first operation.  From her last bout at Vanderbilt, she went to a local nursing home, the one where my father resided unhappily some years ago.
Her saliva tube was STOLEN; it was to be returned as government property; not to be.  Her very expensive new shoes STOLEN  or Misplaced when she left there for Bristol Hospital; also some just purchased new clothes.  (My thoughts on that I will keep to myself today; except to say it is a horrible and common occurrence in medical institutions).

One issue no one can understand or change is the fact the Vanderbilt has all along REFUSED to interact with medicals here regarding Peggy.  This absolutely in very hindering, I'm sure.  WHY has this situation happened?  It should never have and surely is total lack of concern for the patient.  Apparently it can though, for with my own situation,  the spinal X-rays of mine were refused to be shared between my chiropractor and doctors.  This has to be unethical!  even unlawful.  Isn't it?

Today I'm so weary after yesterday's trip, so again another day wasted in trying to move my sluggish body about.  Ah, shucks and it is coming a most gorgeous day. 

Those days won't last much longer; in fact, I had to close all windows and turn on some heat this morning.  Another concern, since it is still August!  No heat usually needed until the beginning of October.  I knew when seeing all the spiderwebs resting on the dewy grass over the last few weeks that we might be in for some 'unhappy chills' before that season's time.

Take good care of yourselves today.  Make every moment count.  Life is very short and it can be very hard.  We just maybe don't realize it enough.  Peggy brings that reminder home to me now.

Monday, August 21, 2017

Enjoying His Pondering and His Wanderings

Yes, I truly do.  Maybe you will too.  He certainly lives a unique life - you will see!

A very talented writer, talented man and apparently self-sufficient in all ways.  A specimen of good health.  My feeling is that he 'sees clearly'

Somewhere within his postings is a   (I'm almost certain)   biography entry.

So, go ahead  ...enjoy some of his philosophy and his wandering adventures.  I highly recommend  his blog.

Hmm, I wonder what he would have to say about today and the solar eclipse.  Things ! I'm hearing of "what is liable to happen" really makes me roll my eyes and shake my head.  Truly.

Not to mention the Get-Rich-Quickers swarming everywhere panhandling the safety glasses.  Unbelievable!!!!  Many are fake and useless; to beat all!  $40 ea.  Oh My.

I watch the sky a lot, always have.  Love to do this.  Not many people do skywatching.  I bet you didn't know this; s'truth.

My prophecy:  Today, across the US more people will be raising their head, eyes on the sky.
HAHAHA.  Sure hope they aren't behind the wheel!

Sunday, August 6, 2017

The world has enough for everyone's need but not enough for everyone's greed   GANDHI

Believe This

Behind every great fortune lies a great crime  -  BALZAC
The worst feeling isn't being lonely. 

It is being forgotten ROUSSEAU