Sunday, October 16, 2016

An Abused One's Opinion

The actress is in the news this week.  I don't knoww her from Adam but I can understand  what she is saying.  It's also time the (world-wide, no doubt) issue is harnessed in by law, very harsh law.  She's been abused and is Mad!  This story is out in Hollywood but it's happening everywhere, for way too long.

 — #WhyWomenDontReportrose mcgowan (@rosemcgowan) October 14, 2016

I fully agree.
I am wondering though why the focus is so much on Trump when Bill Clinton, Hillary Clinton's Co-Hopeful to Be is guilty as sin and we are hearing nothing or very little regarding all his Sleaze of the past and still in continuance, from what I read.   

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  1. Perhaps the reason that people question their motives is that they waited until three weeks before the election to go public. At least two have been COMPLETELY disproven,so that cats doubt on the others. The issue DOES need addressed, but the timing is just TOO suspect.


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