Wednesday, October 12, 2016

Morning Meander of Mine

This link is a five minute video of Ms Obama shopping with Ellen De ... somebody.  Copy and Paste it, watch it and give me your thoughts on what you watched.  Seems inappropriate behavior for the highest lady of our land to be sharing with the world of "we the people".  I like and expect dignity from this position she has. Definitely not as Elizabeth of England would be sharing, I would never think. Dignity should be the rule of  ''dem dat iz anz dems dat wanna beez".  Oh, I think of one that is so dignified, one of  "dem wanna beez" but I know its a facade, fake as Fake. Videos available on this subject also!

I can understand those behind a program (they want great ratings =paying advertisers =$profit$) wanting 'top notch possibilities' for that program of a day.  So who higher than ms.prez.  HIGH RATINGS for this little skit. Eh? Right.

An aside: As I watched this clip of shopping, my other eyes would swear I was watching a man and a woman,  NOT two women.  You might notice this oddity also. The body build and stance clue.

Having never watched Ellen before this 5 min. video, I knew her not except for what I'm told by someone/s.  Very wrong impression I've had.  I think she is hilarious and brilliant minded and Real!

I'm such a judging "old bat" at times.  We all have our own standards though of what is proper and what is not.  My standard is that our First Lady (does  much frolicking) and family are in the public eye 'just too damn much'.  A sort of Hollywood (again) stance  This can be much  blamed on our Media though, can't it?

We have problems here.  Choco is growing growths, sort of like warts all over and I don't have any idea what they can be.  In time they grow to become an open wound.  If they are painful for him,  I notice not.  I used gentian violet (that purple medicine, greatly healing) on several and they dried up completely and fast.  There are the bare scars though and soon I fear he will be a 'polka-dotted' pup/Dalmation.   I found more 'warts' this morning.  Getting worried.  So it's doctor time for Choco.  Poor old guy, he's been through a lot.  I actually blame most of his woes on overeating - he TOO wants all and everybody's bites. Fat and lumpy old Choco - that he is!
Oh my!  It's a contest here ...which I often come out the loser.  I blame it on tiredness.

Just my thoughts this morning coming from my still murky mind.  Oh, which direction do I run in this day?  Overwhelming is the situation!  Too many irons in the fire and too many fires to attend to.

May you have such a gorgeous day as the one we have here.  Sun, Sun, Sun! Sweet sunshine.  I dread cold winter, dread it so much.

Bye now.


  1. Sadly, America is composed mostly of low-class trash these days, so that's what they've put in the White House.

  2. "Mostly" you say? What are the traits of l-c-t, Gorges. What are the causes of such a class, do you think?

    Did you watch the video at the link above? I hope so. It is the link to my words.


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