Monday, October 17, 2016

Reading Can Knock Off My Socks! And Did!

I'm known to crawl around in dark corners and always with trepidation of creatures that may be hulking in that dark.  Now I recall, I was a very curious customer when very young.  It continues to now; that urge to inspect/prowl and so I do on occasion.  Wandering from one link to a next often gives us much; much new insight and exposure to what happens in our world.

The following information, although I don't know why-we know this man by now surely, don't we, is so boggling to my brain.

Keep in mind this man will have/take much control if his mate wins this upcoming election - a partnership personified.

Another in today's news headlines mentioned in this report.  Can our  world ever be fixed!?

As I said last time, law is needed and desperately so to remove the Acts of Sludge and the Actors of Sewage.  Never think evil doesn't exist, for it certainly does.

This is a report written several years ago but it truly casts a spotlight on our current political situation as it stands today 2016.

Now here's the story at this link:   highlight copy and paste

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