Saturday, May 6, 2017

Effect of Cell Phones on Society

...and  other 'points' pointed out to me today

"I’ve often thought that our motto, “In God We Trust,” should be changed to “What’s In It For Me?”  It will, in fact, take something like an act of God to get Americans to stop using cell phones in public, because annoying the people around you is not something we worry about (there is no society, after all, in our world view–just individual “atoms”).
Morris Berman - cultural historian, writer, teacher and more 
Having wandered this morning I came upon the name, Morris Berman, then proceeded from there.  So glad I did.  You too may find Mr. Berman a noteworthy writer.  He has written at least 12 'should-read' books.; Should be read by every citizen everywhere. We all need to learn the facts of life; not continue dilly-dallying around with our toys and fictionalized lives.
Mercy! Amazon is taking over the market, the market of everything, apparently.  I sometimes wonder: must I sell the shirt off my back and save for a transaction with Amazon?  Ah, the business certainly was aptly named!
I usually first check for books at the local library.  Too often, ones I'm very interested in are not available.  I find that fiction has a terribly big draw there.  This only makes me realize how people are so mesmerized with shallowness - an easier road to travel life.  One library assistant is in charge of ordering non-fictional books.  How does this woman's mind travel, I wonder.  Books ordered on 'her opinion'.  Another girl does all the ordering of fiction.  My word, you just refuse to believe what the juvenile shelves offer.  Of course, this ordering is based on that which the locals are interested in OR the assistant's views.  So, in the end, I either can't find a book or forced to steer over to that Amazon place.  
Have you ever wondered why books are so expensive today?  Can we blame this on "Inflation"? Hm Pah!
Hope you have as happy a day as mine.  I'm just pondering about and happy as a clam with all the spring greenery and sunshine.  Why this gusty wind though?
I explored the annual "Friends of the Library" book sale last weekend.  Missed going the first day and was informed by someone that the stock was down by 50%!  I'm dubious about this, for there are  rows of tables covered in orderly parades of books, many shining covers looking untouched.  All is donated freely; how in the world can anyone buy a book for a truly high cost, read it once and dispose of it - and this definitely is happening, more so every day.  Just think of the $thousands$ invested for a momentary diversion.  If you are a book buyer such as I, you can see this. I actually feel guilt buying a book for almost nothing, especially a learning-tool.
I bought 6.  Now where to find a spot to place them? I'll have to live to be 150 to read my libraries. Yes, with an 'S'.

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