Tuesday, December 12, 2017

     “Cat: Where are you going?
    Alice: Which way should I go?
    Cat: That depends on where you are going.
    Alice: I don’t know.
    Cat: Then it doesn’t matter which way you go.”

    ― Lewis Carroll, Alice in Wonderland

Wise Words and Otherwise -Parents

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  Here's to our parents who taught us and cared for us as we grew up. Now it's our turn to return the favor.


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Image result for pictures of sad elderly parentseople
Image result for sad  very old people
Image result for sad  very old people
Image result for sad  very old people

Broken Hearts


Share if you will to remind those who have forgotten.  These faces still have Hearts full of love

Wise Words and Otherwise

Image result for pictures winston churchill "Nothing is more exhilarating than to be shot at without result."
Winston churchill

Friday, December 8, 2017

Grandmother's Time and Time for a New Chicken Calendar

Image result for dominecker chicken pictures  Looking at a new calendar brought all these thoughts on today.

 Hey, you like animals?  Maybe you like chickens?  I do and if you don't like them, you are missing a  real  experience of joy because they are so fine, a master painting of nature, a masterpiece in color, very industrious creatures in one's life and chickens keep us furnished with our daily egg, you know! And most all of us eat chicken, at one time or another. Don't we?

Sadly, I don't have any chickens; they need a peaceful environment to live and thrive; they need protection from harm, from stress of any type in order to be good layers.  They are prey for many animals.  They cannot defend themselves, except to run away.  Here at home living with several dogs; a chicken would be in mortal danger.

So, I have an emptiness, a sad lack in my life.  I grew up living among chickens and was a very happy laid-back, nice and kind kid with regard to our laid-back chickens.  Never fearful,  they nor I, although they could pitch out some high squawks, rattling my little sensitive ears with that very startling noise, when being chased.  I saw no problem when I did this as a 3 and 4 year old innocent, sprinting along and telling them to be quiet. Ahem, we won't go there today.  Okay?

I could have swooned with the pleasure I got from holding a tiny recently hatched minute  'diddlie' or 'doodie' as we called them.

For about eight years we lived with my grandmother.  The chickens were hers and gave us a good supply of eggs and on occasion, a feast of finger-licking real fried chicken, food that tasted like it was supposed to taste.

 Feed me chicken now and I can guarantee that taste is gone; gone forever, I'm afraid.  Chicken taste left chickens a few years ago, right at the time that we began buying them, weighing in at two pounds a breast or leg quarter, big as a turkey's!  Shot thru and thru with antibiotics and hormones. Tough as shoe leather!

I read an item recently that stated all commercially sold chicken in the US is now produced in China and 80 some % of all pork, same place.  True or not?  Doesn't sound good to me.  Can't be fully true for I've seen chicken production farms  in a few places over the years and the hobby of backyard chicken farming is growing in leaps and bounds. The quality of the range rovers' eggs is superb!  They taste as they used to, before mega farming took over the planet.

You should have known my grandmother, whom we called Mussie; this name came about starting from the fact that her baby twins had spoken the word for "mama". The name remained through life among family and friends.  Otherwise, she was addressed as Mary or Mrs. Smith.

Mussie was trim and slender, a very spry Irish woman with shining blue eyes that rarely showed a look of displeasure and with a full set of the whitest white perfect teeth until she died. Never a cavity. She cleaned them with a birch twig, always.

Mussie had a temper - don't we all - but it rarely ever showed and then only with her displeasure and correction of a misdeed of some one who knew better and did it anyway.

My grandmother was a very hard worker, always busy.  It was rare that I saw her at rest.  She was so good for us children.  I wish she was still here with us.

 It has suddenly dawned on me that I am almost to the month as old as she was when she died. Another 4 months and she would have turned seventy-seven years old. She became very forgetful in her advanced years. I am there now also.  It's so unfunny to live with.  The medical pros call it Senility.  What a nasty sounding word.

 Mussie protected her children fiercely; I suppose over the fact she was a widow when my mother turned six. My grandfather, Dennis, died of pneumonia. I never knew how he looked until recent years when I was given this photocopy of a studio portrait. - I immediately saw  a living breathing replica of my youngest brother Freddie.  Won't he be surprised and pleased when he sees this picture!
Grandfather Denny

Mom was the youngest of a brood of seven, three of them gone from homes when Denny died, married, with families of their own.  I am 10 years older than Mom was when we lost her presence.

I was thinking about Mussie yesterday after seeing a picture of the Dominique breed  of chicken on a calendar.  Mussie had several of what are called Dominecker hens, fat and calm creatures, black and white feathers.  Chickens  'busy about' a lot. I can picture in my mind watching our chickens scratching out a  place in the dirt for a good dustbath and settling down for a rest or sleep, all fluffed and plumped feathers, that gradually smoothed down in orchestra. The body was not fluffy and plumped then.  A nice memory.

I recently went to Ann' blog.   She has chickens, several different breeds.  She is very good with her camera  and is an artist, an all around creative artist. She started a few years back designing her own calendar.  I missed the chance to get one; my loss then.  The newest one, for 2018, is now available to buy; one which I consider a real Keeper.  Each month gives you a nice picture of her chickens.  The Dominecker is at the month of December 2018.
Here is the link to purchase one if you like chickens. copy and paste http://edificerex.blogspot.com  A very nice quality-made item to keep yourself on track for next year and to add some true color and beauty for your enjoyment.

Ann, called MamaHen, lives on what she earns and she has put much thought and work into this creation of hers.  She retired from welding construction awhile back and went back to her art interests and finishing her home, which she built from ground level to completion, starting it a few years back; working on it as she was able to buy materials while working as a welder.  Yes, Ann is a woman of many talents and if you would like to learn how many talents, type in her blog site and let it take you away.  I think her blog is the finest! See what she has created on her empty plot of land. and here is a link to get her newest calendar for 2018.   http://www.lulu.com/shop/ann-beaird/my-calendar/calendar/product-23434164.html

Wednesday, December 6, 2017

myPhones Alert

A Repost from January 2009

Labels: Facebook, internet, iPhone danger, morality issue, murder, parental guiding control, sex offender
Read and Be Alerted - Shocking Universal Situation  1-16-09
Reading the article (link ) regarding "myPhones" and young people, children (young as six) I got a bad feeling.. It is a very serious, harmful and easily dangerous situation. It is so serious. I felt others ought to become aware too; so posting the complete article as the information needs to reach all who have any influence with a youngster or its parents. You can also access it with the link. Even pass it on to others if its helpful to them.

The report at this link  http://www.theage.com.au/technology/technology-news/in-their-sites-20091115-igeu.html  Cpand paste
begins "AN EXPERIENCED detective was furious when he spotted a criminal he had arrested years earlier loitering near his eastern suburban home. He grabbed the man and whispered, ''Before I take you to hospital after you seriously injure yourself, you'd better tell me how you found where I live.''  The stalker, who quickly lost interest in any revenge plans, said: ''Your daughters are on Facebook.''

This Slush Fund

We taxpayers are supporting the  'payouts' for Congress members sexual so-called 'peccadilloes'.  Outrageous!  A hidden slush fund of Treasury Dept was set aside for this during Clinton era 1995.

When will all the outrageousness of today be halted? How many more slush funds are we supportin?.

You can read about this at USATODAY  link here .https://www.usatoday.com/story/opinion/2017/11/27/sexual-harassment-fund-exposes-congress-editorials-debates/898008001/

Any direction we look anymore, there is corruption, deceit, violence, mayhem and madness.

Silence simply implies  agreement or complaisance and a fear to speak up.

There is a judgment day coming for each and everyone of us.  Many are totally unaware or else think that future day is foolish,  hooha nonsense.

Tuesday, December 5, 2017

Some Memories Can Be Hell

Rene Russo 'people are so surprised women are being groped': 'Really?'

Copy and paste



 She says “I’m surprised that people are so surprised that women are being groped,” " ..... “Really? Because this is how I grew up. I don’t have very many girlfriends who weren’t inappropriately approached in some form or another.”

 “In those days, if it was reported at all, the police would come, they’d go down to the dirty old man down the street, and then they’d go to the home of whatever girl was molested — in my neighborhood that was quite a few — and say, ‘Oh, stay away from, ya know, Charlie down the street.’ That’s how it rolled in my neighborhood,” says Russo, who grew up in Burbank, Calif., the daughter of a single mother who worked in a factory. She dropped out of high school in the 10th grade.

While Russo is glad to see what she describes as this “cultural moment,” which is “fueled by so much pent-up anger and resentment and shame and fury” because it’s “pushing us into the next place that we need to be,” she thinks about the women of the world who don’t have the same voice as the women who have come forward in Hollywood.
“I’m worried too about women in hostile environments who are afraid to come forward,” she says. “Women in factories — like my mom [was] — who need their job and are afraid to come forward and don’t because they need their health insurance, they need their apartment. Single moms. Our industry is getting a lot of the publicity, but what’s going on in the rest of the country? So it’s time. It’s been time for a long, long time. To not believe a little girl in the ’60s is one thing, but it’s still happening. So we’re in a moment. We’re in a moment.”

Monday, December 4, 2017

Thoughts on Compulsory Lie Dector Tests

I read these bold words below under a picture of a sheriff.  I think it has to do with a pedophilia sting news article about the goings on and entrapment of low dog employees at Magic Kingdom - but not certain.  If I'm wrong about this, please forgive me Mr. Magic Kingdom.  I'm sure you, yourself are only out to give joy to the little kiddies of the world.  Aren't you?

Or maybe you are only interested in suckering all the customers who shell out part of their life savings to you.

Anyway, this post isn't  about you, Mr. Kingdom.  Well, I guess you should be included too. It's about all these pedophiles  getting caught these days and my thoughts on what condition this country has full- blown developed into.  Really sick condition!

Wherever this happened, apparently in a county named Polk (lots of Polk counties around the country, I imagine) where  a Sheriff Grady gives his view on lie detector tests. 

Now here we go!  Listen up.

"Polk County Sheriff Grady Judd wants compulsory lie 

detector tests"

I couldn't be more agreeable to such a move.  Yet my opinion is that a test should be given to every last person who runs for a public office and every last person who is elected or appointed to one of our country's offices, including judges.  Give it to every last media worker too.

 Let's include all those former officials, office holders, right on back down the line, also.  I believe there have been and are now, too many in higher, responsible positions that probably have lived a life of lying to the American people.  It needs to be clipped in the bud!

Although I understand, lie detector tests aren't infallible, it may catch many of the crooks and deceivers who mostly are in the games for what and how to advance their own personal gain.
Something has got to give. 

So, first rule: you must take a lie detector test before signing on to reach your personal goal in politics, police work or any other profession or position in this world.  

I don't personally see those in the artistic world lying; yet who knows for certain? - I'm not talking about the entertainment world when I say 'artistic' either.

I've lived 76 years and my memory goes far back about crooked people jogging for serious positions of leadership and control.  I learned very early what a crooked business it is.  The crooked overshadow a truly upstanding, honest human these days - all the past days, for that matter;  their first thought is "What's in it for me"?

A recent sheriff of my county (finally beat out after twelve long years of real dirty dealings in the shadows and the light) got his come-uppence for his rotten incompetence. 

  Now this idea of lie-detecting could work to solve many problems before they become larger problems/worse ones, and if only those who give lie detector tests are honest and aboveboard.  I guess they should be the first ones to be tested or they may be being paid off as to how the tests are done.

Thursday, November 30, 2017

A Laughing Matter - Via a 3 year Old

Copied w/permission.  Any time I have a laugh, I want to share.  This one should do the trick for you! Ha, Ha, Ha.

As I was trying to pack for vacation, my 3-year-old daughter was having a wonderful time playing on the bed. At one point, she said, "Mommy, look at this," and stuck out two of her fingers.  Trying to keep her entertained, I reached out and stuck her fingers in my mouth and said, "Mommy gonna eat your fingers!" pretending to eat them before I rushed out of the room again.  When I returned, my daughter was standing on the bed staring at her fingers with a devastated look on her face. I said, "What's wrong honey?"  "Mommy, where's my booger?"

Sunday, November 26, 2017

She Never Deviates

Sitting here tonight in a sharp chill and dead silence except for that ocean sound in my ears (vertigo) I am fervently wishing to be way down south and run to my Sandy for a hug and big bowl of her delicious food.  What a great cook she is ...or was.  Her cooking days are all past now.

You know what the passage of time does for all of us.  If you don't know yet, you are one day in for a rude awakening!

 She tells me now her days in the kitchen are over.  She went elsewhere for the first time this Thanksgiving, whereas it used to be you could walk through her door and the wonderful aromas would greet you smack in the nostrils.  Simple food but scrumptious.  I would always leave her table full as little waddling happy puppy.  

One dish she used to make was her "Simple Seasonal Pasta Salad".  She wasn't like me for she always followed the book when cooking.  Me?  I could cook well too but I would deviate from a recipe until the taste suited me.  As I became old and worn out, so often from the day's work outside on my 'farm' it was often a one-pot concoction - a goulash.

I'll never forget one time my very small grandson, around age three, three and a half, was visiting me.  Everyone was sitting around the table, waiting in anticipation as I set the big bowl of goulash down beside the platter of steaming cornbread.  A slight frown showed on his face.  I spooned a helping on his plate; he hesitated until I said "Eat up, Michael".  He very timidly spooned a bite, then another, then another.  Then he spoke up and said: "Ganny Callin, this stuff looks awful  ...but you sure are a good cook".  We all burst out laughing  ...the best compliment I could have ever received, I'm telling you!

I cherish words out of the mouths of babes. They can be so opened-eyed honest.  Today Michael is grown, soon to become thirty-three years old.  Lord, how I miss seeing him; he was so precious when such an innocent child. Life goes on though and everyone travels their own road of destiny.

Sandra called Thanksgiving evening as she does quite often, every holiday and a few times a month.  She has been very faithful to do so since we lost my brother almost six years ago, the worst nightmare; a never ending heartbreak for the both of us and always in the mind.  She can't speak of her loss. We talked of the noon meal we'd each enjoyed, her news of her only grandchild being engaged,  to be married in two years after she finishes college, we both catching up since our last phone visit.

She was in Tampa, spending the week with her son and his girlfriend. Those two cooked the meal together, while Sandy did make a macaroni salad.  It may have been this one.  She sent me her recipe awhile back, so I want to share it with you.  I hope you too will enjoy - It's good.
                                            "Simple Seasonal Pasta Salad"

3 cups (12 oz. elbow macaroni, uncooked
1 cup Italian salad dressing
2 cups broccoli florets
3/4 cup shredded carrot
3/4 cup sweet pepper slices, diced
1/2 cup sliced red onion
13 cup grated Parmesan cheese

Cook macaroni according to directions, drain.  rinse with cold water to cool quickly; drain well.  In large bowl, stir together cooled pasta and remaining ingredients.  Cover and refrigerate at least for one hour.  (Any leftovers are even more tasty the next day)

Makes 10 servings, 210 calories (if made with fat-free dressing)

Eat hearty!

Monday, November 20, 2017

What Judge Jeanine Pirro Has to Say About It

If you've never heard of Judge Pirro, you have been missing out; missing out on some very straight talk on current issues.  She is good.  Smart as a whip, well educated speaker and judge.

The first time I ever heard of this woman speak was on a YouTube video, which by accident I came across her name sometime before the election in November 2016.  I was so very impressed with her intelligence.  Listening to her short talk,  I thought to myself: This woman knows her stuff.  She would make a good president.  Maybe one day she will become so.  Today she is getting out to people with her position with Fox news media.  I think she is brilliant! Check her out for yourself. A short talk


Can't Make Heads Nor Tails

I stole this from somewhere.  I do  remember I enjoyed reading the information. A unique bunch.

Is This True?

A man is wealthy in proportion to the things he can do without

Monday, November 13, 2017

Oh, Did I Have An Encounter


Dishonesty is a no-no for both men and women. One study proved that people become less attracted to those who lie to them, regardless of the gender. So, in case you've amplified your Tinder profile page, you may want to tone it down a touch and bring it closer to your real life in case you actually find the love of your life there.

...A story soon...

Thursday, November 9, 2017

A Rejected Mother's Heartbeat

Just another broken, sad day.  Today is my middle child's birthday, the 55th. I post this only as a personal remembrance of shattered relationships.  Yet,  reminders aren't really necessary, are they, when pain continuously lays within the heart and every cell of the body.  Without doubt, life sure is a hard trial.  Especially when you are cast off like a long lingered illness.

Wednesday, November 8, 2017

Mankind, So Fickle and Uninformed

  And growing worse, minute by minute!
The two "memes" below should prove it.

This man did have honor and integrity -  
not as some look on him today.  Uninformed, are you?  Study, Lee said.
Be a gentleman

And here you have

The Lemmings following recklessly and People being Sheep

Monday, November 6, 2017

So Accurate

"What Fills the Eyes
Fills the Heart."
                                  ~Irish Proverb

Sunday, November 5, 2017

Pertinent Information For Us All

WiFi Ain't Your Friend - An Interesting Experiment (a link)


Monday, October 30, 2017

Someone's Proved My Very Own Diagnosis

I've been surfing a lot today.  Finally getting exhausted with all the trauma, tragedy, and technicality the internet and life offers us, I so fortunately came across this:

What makes a good life? Lessons from the longest study on happiness | Robert Waldinger


It is wonderful.  What a speaker! What important things he reveals to me.  About life.  Harvard is a very fine university; they did this study ...well, I hope you will listen to this Robert Waldinger.  It is about twelve minutes long.

Friday, October 13, 2017

The measure of a man is what he does with power  -  Plato

Harvey Weinstein comes to mind along with a few dozen others.  Pure sleaze.


Well, as you can see, I have goofed royally when trying to change my homepage look. YeekOh, I only wanted to change the background color but instead hit selection 'Classic'!  What did I get?  What you see now; pictures gone, 'comment ability' gone everything gone I can figure no way to get back to the original look, so I reckon this calls for a "Sobeit" .  I have only this morning been able to find a way to actually do a post since my goof-up.  So it will remain looking this way until I decide to try again for the original view or remove the whole blog.

Lately (for a long time actually 😓 ) I'm noticing how often I have made a goof about something or the other and unable to change the outcome I created. I often have to settle my life with a "So Be it" response. I just have to live with it!

Monday, September 11, 2017


Truth wears no mask, 

seeks neither place

nor applause,
bows to no human shrine; 

she only asks a hearing"


Wednesday, September 6, 2017

Precious Innocence - Doctor In the Making

Found this online.  Gives me a happy feeling. You?