Thursday, October 6, 2016

Poster on My Wall

                                                WHERE ALL THINK

                                                  ALIKE, NO ONE

                                              THINKS VERY MUCH
                                                 compliments of Hamilton Bank 1980

I had a sheaf of posters way back then, some funny, some profound.  Today I'm clearing out Stuff.  Enough is enough, I have finally said to myself.  I must be one of the worst of pack rats, though only because there's never enough time to keep up/organize stuff as I went along, too much on my plate of the moment.  Ha ha ha,  I've always been a busy girl, poking my fingers into all types of projects. Back in the 'good old days' I would hit the housework running, have everything in immaculate order and a pot of soup bubbling on the stove and READY by noon! A Project begins i.e..making  a dress or 2 or even 3.  By morning one could see the tools and fabrics accumulating, scraps  on the floor and thereabout.  The more I delved into my sewing the more clutter accumulated and the I'll tell you, for two solid weeks on a sewing project finally bowled me over with the fact that I need to do some housework!  Ah, such is my life.  I put aside everything when I get the notion to create.  Today I'm faced with all the STUFF and chaotic non-organized mess. My bones (having almost quit working) is a critical factor today against making much progress.

So, the words of the poster are fact; what if everyone thought and did as I?  I'll tell you, it would be a disaster, a chaotic mess of a world to exist in.  


  1. Look at it this way, what we accumulate in our youth gives us something to do in our old age! ;-)

  2. You are correct Gorges, except forgetting the fact about my bones, even down to my 'pinkies'. And that was my exact plan several years ago; put things back, save it for my older years. Boy! Did I fool myself!

  3. I also face this situation/dilemma. I became OLD in pain and dreams, desires, "Mean 2s" suffocate to death.


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