Friday, October 7, 2016

"Murphy's Law" - Then There's My Murphy - edited

I just read something that spoke of Murphy's Law, which is "If anything can go wrong, it will.  I've lots that can go wrong and which have.  Some things never go wrong when based in the heart and that was when I decided to let my dog Luci be bred.  I will never regret my decision on this, for my love and the little dog's affection could never go wrong.

My Murphy.  She is the Law (laid dawn law) around here.
I Can Now Say, "Come on, Come on, I Dare You?  I'll Pulverize You"
 Here she is at 5 weeks old, an amazing animal among all her siblings.  The biggest born, crawling immediately after her arrival into this world: she has yet to slow down.  First at the feeding trough (what a little Miss Piggy) Swallows every bite whole; seems this is harmful but she has to do something so to get her every bit  + the  5 others' bites.  She will take a bite from another's mouth without a qualm. What a little bulldozer she is at every meal.  No wonder she weighs more than her mama already and not quite four months old.  She is the one to start a game of chase or out to investigate this big space. Ripples with muscles and still so very young.  Her wavy locks change almost daily.  She makes me want to dance!

 Trying out different names very soon, I spoke "Murphy" couple times and away she went with It.  Very sharp little animal BUT becoming a problem as an escape artist.

Two months ago, I said "soon they will be too big to slither through that fence.  Well, was I mistaken! She and her sister still easily escape and follow the dachshund, Choco, as he saunters about outside the fence.  She has actually the strength to spread the wiring  to accommodate her growing size.  I worry for the highway is right here in front.  Oh no, Murphy's Law.

My Murphy could be on the stage. She's a real show dog. The most perfect stance she has.  She's very outgoing and will chase and attack the biggest of the pack.  A little bully even, at times.  So Murphy can and is taking care of herself well.  Hopefully, nothing ever goes wrong for her.  I love her to pieces!  Along with all the rest of my animals.

 How in the world can I make a decision to let some of my family go, although it has become a burden for me now, trying to keep up with them.

Ha, ha, ha,
I love it when their bedtime comes.  So nice and quiet around here then. :)



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