Tuesday, March 8, 2016

My "Relaxed and Educated" Morning

   Her name is Wisdom, still alive 10 years more than the oldest banded bird.  I think I read Wisdom is 67 years old.

Oldest Bird Alive



I thoroughly enjoyed while reading at this website and watching a video of the albatross birds.  It tells that Wisdom has traveled millions of miles in her lifetime.  Amazing, and you will learn also the birds don't have to put a lot of effort into flying these many miles.

The article speaks of how they eat of whatever is floating on the seas, including all our plastic!

Which brings to mind the fact that I am separating ALL plastic from my garbage (and cans, glass, etc).  Yes, it does take extra steps and minutes of one's time until it becomes an important habit and goes more smoothly and faster.  A plastic grocery bag gets filled every two weeks - that's a LOT OF PLASTIC.  I rinse off food residue or debris and break down large pieces.  I am stunned by the amount of plastic generated in just my small space and overwhelmed when thinking of the 'worldwide' usage. We humans are definitely destroying our only home.  What then?

There are 1000s albatross on this Midway Island, a small atoll where my deceased brother was stationed for a full year while in Navy.  He worked in Search and Rescue, a very bad, heartrending job.  He told me about the 'goonie birds' on the island - "Nasty Creatures" he called them. I believe Midway is 1 mile by 1/2 mile wide

I'm just certain you will enjoy watching and reading all the information.  So go ahead,  copy and paste the links in your browser; click and sit back and relax.  Nature is wonderful and this is a nature adventure you will be rewarded by.

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