Saturday, March 19, 2016

Readers, Comments, Drunken Drivers, iPhones, Spit and a Frog

 I often wonder about visitors to this blog; who they are, where they live, what their life is like.  My posts generate very few and almost rare comments.  The traffic counter shows readers from "everywhere" but no comments.  You are counted even if you click on and click out instantly; this is considered "surfing the web", isn't it?  I'm sure they don't slow down and read or investigate further what I may be saying.  That's okay, even when it may be their loss.  "Anastasia" is such a loss.Two frequent visitors, one from Shawnee, OK, another in Donora, PA, I realize aren't "surfers", yet they remain silent.  I'm just curious as to who you are and the fact you come by so often.  Come on Shawnee and Donora - say something! I'm pleased you are curious enough to check in frequently.

It is downright chilly this morning. I'm wrapped in winter garb once again.  The recent perfect days have spoiled me, so much so that all I want is warm sunshine.  Very soon, though, I'll no doubt be griping about the unrelenting high temps. Ha, don't we all! When I read of people experiencing 90 deg. and higher, uncomplaining, happily going about their lives, I think 'what a wimp' I must be.  Nevertheless, I am thoroughly happy with these 'springy' days with all nature arising to greet me every morning.  I must get busy and spit on some seeds and sink them into the soil.  My hopes are high again this year for luscious fresh foods to heal what ails me.  My turmeric plant is GROWING!

"Spit"? you may wonder, with raised eyebrows.  Well, those Ringing Cedar books can tell you about this!  We are so technologically ingrained that we have dismissed the true nature of life, the true reason we are in existence.  Another tidbit from Anastasia: If you have roaches, get yourself a little frog, bring it indoors and quickly eliminate that problem.

Punching the keys of the 'toys'- iPhoness today is most prominently seen.  I just wish the idiots would keep their eyes on their driving (or walking) and quit scaring the hell out of me.  Twice yesterday, it was only inches that saved me from being annihilated while infrequently being out and about.  Wouldn't it be nice to travel the roads without numerous cars weaving about like a bunch of drunkards given free access to do their thing!  This situation is what has me staying off the roads as much as possible.  It is so stressful driving along with unforgivable idiots.  Yet, our lawmakers seem to be totally unconcerned!  No wonder much of society it in an uproar these days.  We need a few politicians who have the guts to stand up to what needs to be corrected.

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