Tuesday, November 17, 2015


How did that tiny $h - - manage this?  Sami's the little $h - -!  The culprit.
"Sami, You are up for surgery tomorrow".


Lucy checking her new surroundings - months old

Lucy is pregnant.  Looking round as a ball.  I am in shock. What to do? Oh dear, what to do.  Haven't dealt with birthing animals in forty years.  I'm worried.  She only weighs 4 pounds.

 I need no more animals; I'm financially broke caring for them.

Lucy as a pup - sleeping butt to butt with Choco by the heater (pic)
 Sami isn't pictured.  He's maybe shamefaced and hiding. A three pound Macho-Man.  A toy poodle

We all live it up to the hilt before crashing

Yet she is a little doll with such a nice temperament, causing everyone to like her, especially mandogs  ....Sami, I'm going to kill you, you out-of-control heathen.

Me, Tied down?  You bet. 

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