Monday, November 9, 2015

Potpourri From A Muse

I imagine I should remove some book titles from the list here.  I think it must allow a limited number for no new entries are showing.  Hmm.  I've devoured a lot of books this year yet only at bedtime - a lifelong treat.

Read a couple by Pearl Buck.  "Good Earth" was a fairly good story that takes place in China. "The Angry Wife" was okay; I'm just not into this type of reading, only rarely.  Both stories take place long ago.  'Long ago' is history.  I failed history!  Don't like history for memory is short - darn remembering a bunch of dates. Besides, we are now learning how faulty history facts can be.

 Pondering taking some art lessons this winter.  I've forgotten what I knew.  Out and about one day, I visited a local Art Center.  One room was chockful of paintings and other art objects for sell.  Wow, what talent.  It's a long and dark drive to make on winter evenings though, so I'll ponder some more about this idea.

 My weather is rotten.  Rain, rain and more of it today.  The clouds hang heavy still.  I so dread winter weather  I've been "frizzing".  Layering has begun.  I abhor bundling for winter.  I think I may understand how a polar bear feels.  I suffer from Bundled Slow Wobbliness.  My choice for a permanent garment would be a loose sheet, with a hole cut for my head - oh, sorry, I momentarily recalled those insufferably hot summer days of yore.

Fortunately, last week was great weather wise.  Many outside chores accomplished.  Now I'm tired, yet many still to get done, if  and when the weather cooperates.  Had a yard cohort, a good one.  Money talks.

Took a terrible fall couple weeks ago.  I SPLATTERED!  Surely the pain and bruising should have subsided by now.  Hmm, maybe a brain scan is in order.  One pump-knot still from twenty years ago, so who knows what damage I have caused by my inept movements.  "Elderlyness" does have its pitfalls, no doubt.  My biggest target is my head.  I'm good at forgetting to close a cabinet door sometimes.  Whack!  Sometimes I bleed.

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