Saturday, August 18, 2012

Running on Algae ***

Pond algae
Can algae be a viable alternative

to petroleum-based fuel?

Algae grows rapidly, and contains

a high amount of fatty molecules,

that can be converted into biodiesel.

Compared to corn, algae can generate up

to 50 X the amount of oil per acre, and

can be transported to gas stations using

our existing infrastructure.

Investment dollars are flowing...

Large pond covered with algae

Learn more here!

Video: (3:09)

Watch this short video.  I find  the information very worthy of consideration.  Algae fuel would cut down on the automotive pollution to our planet's air, land, water and humans.

Big Oil Companies will have their hands in the pot by hook or by crook most likely.  They don't intend to be replaced and lose all their billions of profit raked in constantly.

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