Saturday, August 25, 2012

REALITY - Heads Up, Eyes Open An Interview for You ***

This audio has really opened my mind further.  Listen to this interview with John Kaminski, an independent journalist, who lives in Florida.   Independents have no one ordering them about what is to be said/not said, disclosed/keep your mouth shut, which I find so welcome. A writer who has been reporting much over the years regarding what is true, real and going on with our country and our world.  I have been receiving the written reports/articles over the last 10 years.  Most assuredly, no doubt it will expand your knowledge also.  I know it will give you some views of what is really happening, not what we are constantly fed by the top media day in and day out.

Dr Carley is a well-known anti-vaccination activist.  I find many links regarding Dr. Carley, another common sense American citizen.

Dr. Rebecca Carley
at a younger age

Rescuing reality from the spin machine (audio version)
Dr. Rebecca Carley interview with  John Kaminski 8/19/12.  Click on the link below:

by John Kaminski

Collection of Journalistic Writings by John Kaminski

If this information resonates with you and considered important enough to be shared with others, please do not hesitate to forward and share.

Dr. Rebecca Carley

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