Thursday, June 7, 2012

Worth the Risk of Repeating ***

May 6th this message below I posted.  Now I've (and you and you and you?) been whapped,  um, Hacked!  Got an email recently from a fellow blogger with a long list of addresses in the TO  space, instead of the BBC space.

Last night checking mail before bedtime, I found a dozen returned emails (Huh?) returned, which I hadn't sent out in the first place. 

Someone of those many addresses apparently had caught a virus, were hacked and further spread it along the electronic highway.  Now what do we do?
Smart Advice When E-Mailing

Jinksy's post at Napple Notes.

"I've noticed, many people who forward emails, do so by using a whole string of names and addresses in the 'To" slot, which is just asking for trouble, as my knowledgeable, techy son explained to me when I first began blogging and emailing.

It only needs ONE of those people to be blessed with a computer virus, and it will spread to everyone else on that list, with the speed of light!

The simple expedient of sending mail 'BCC' (blind carbon copy), prevents this annoying possibility.Think on fellow bloggers."

Good direction. I always use BCC. 
I imagine that Infected Sender didn't get to read Jinksy's warning above.   Heads up, eyes forward,  Please.   " An ounce of prevention prevents a pound of cure".

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