Monday, March 8, 2010

Flowers Are Ready To Go ***

Working a bit in the flower beds over the weekend I found many of my hybrid Daylilies, Jonquils(peach and yellow), Siberian Iris, hybrid Iris, ajuga rubitan, are peeking through the soil. If you like the common orange lily that grows everywhere, pictured at top. I have them also.

It is time to start digging and packing them for shipment. They will be securely wrapped cushioned in shedded paper. Lilies are easily grown. With your shipment is information how to plant and care for them. Each plant fills a space of 6-7 inches and doubles in size the 1st year. They will proliferate.

As I have told you about my crashed computer, it is impossible to show my individual blooms presently but showing are ones I have or similar to. Below is a list of the lilies I grow (I didn't lose it!). There are hundreds of variety with a thousand names and the colors span the color spectrum, even blue which is sometimes claimed doesn't exist. My supplier had blue ones. To my great disappointment, when I went to buy this variety, I found them gone, flowers, trees, bushes, them and all! A real puzzle for me!

The husband and wife team were from Ohio and built up a beautiful nursery, home, barn, greenhouses on a flat 10 acre piece of farmland over in S V ...and oh the soil! Perfect! (You'll find I ponder and crave soil a lot...I have fabulous dark soil too...about 10 feet down under the boulders I set/sit upon.) Charles and Betty were dedicated, hard workers. I so admired their abilities and could have strolled the fields forever. The valley is gorgeous.

I sell the lilies @ $7 each + shipping at the cheapest rate available. Buy 5 or more at $6.00 each.
There will be no choices as there are no flowers to identify by yet but if you order several, each will be lifted from a different area. What you get is what you get but you will be very pleased when your choice begins to bloom. I have several colors and varieties.

Lilies bloom from late May into November. I think they will grow in all zones. You can soon have a "Picture" of a flower garden. Email me and we will work out the logistics.

When the lilies begin blooming, shipping ends. Lilies are then offered locally; potted and blooming.

Hemerocallis is a genus of hardy, long-lived perennials related to Lilies. The buds open in series, but a flower lasts only a day, giving the plant its common name, Daylily. By growing different varieties, you can enjoy blooms from mid-June until frost in a rainbow of colors Daylilies grow vigorously, hinder weeds and generally free from pests and disease...thrive in full sun or light shade and tolerate many types of soil.

My Daylilies:

Leprechaun's Wealth
Lullaby Baby
Orange Vols
Palace Guard
Pandora's Box
Pardon Me
Siloam Red Ruby
Delicate Design
Knick Knack
Lady Lucille
Party Queen
Golden Chimes
Touched by Midas
Crimson Shadow
Desert Princess
Mauna Loa

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