Thursday, February 25, 2010

Pain Relief ***

I'm guilty of snitching this from Edifice Rex...done without malice... to give the rest of you a good laugh this day.

Wayne has left a new comment on the post "Lost My Driving Wheel": There once was a man who had a severe headache. He searched and searched thru the cupboards and drawers looking for tylenol or anything that would relieve his discomfort. He searching was in vain except a bottle of Midol that his wife had in the medicine cabinet. Taking two pills he felt remarkable better within just minutes. Having such a profound effect on his headache and even seeming to lift his spirits some he began taking midol for all his aches and pains. All was well for a short time. His headaches were cured but for some strange reason he becomes a real prick just about every 28 days. (Here's hoping for a giggle that might make ya feel better)

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