Friday, January 12, 2018

I've said I dig dirt and I dig art.  Today I'm digging the two.  Plus the sink's clogged!! I'm losing my mind about what else to do for it.  I'm unacquainted with dismantling sink pipes. Oh boy, I need a Man - a man that knows all about everything requiring muscle.

Then there has been the drizzle most of the day, hindering my work outside.  Not that I was able, to do much of anything these days.  Maybe a B12 'shot' could fix it.  Do you know anything about this B12 injection?  I've heard positive and negative regarding the fix.

Rode to my grandson's playing deliveryman for lunch.  A treat today; Cheeseburger & Fries.  I had a taste of both.  I have to say I've never had a more perfect burger.  There is a small  business 100 yds. down road that has been operated by a husband and wife team for almost four years. Very clean quiet and respectful.  Before recent years it was only a beer and cigarette store - some eyebrow-raising customers, an insulting environment in the neighborhood. Now it's not.  The meat patty was more than 1/2 inch thick and very compacted yet so tender and tasty.  I investigated a Deep Fried Twinkie!  You've never heard of it? Neither had I. Ye Yuck,  nasty sounding but I'm such a bad judge! They are delicious.  The creamy filling is not near as sweet as it used to be and the crunchy outside so complements creamy filling.  Anyway, I am very full.  Sure glad I stopped eating before misery set in.  Yeah, I tend sometimes to be a glutton.

The BIG news this week is a kidney transplant.  Wednesday my sil was getting dialysis when UT Hospital called his home.  "A Kidney has been found, get here quick" was announced.  They had to rush to get on the road in minutes on a 100 mi. trip.  By 7 pm, Terry was all prepped, asleep and waiting for the courier to arrive from Nashville.  The operation started at 10 pm and went very well, the doctor so pleased by a very healthy kidney for Terry.  Now we will hopefully see him recover some of his old ambition and energy.  The man has been very ill for several years, having dialysis for four years - time was running out for this lifesaver.  It has well been a miracle for him and the family.  None of us ever dreamed nor expected a second transplant.  Third GO at Life.  Of course, he's had a lot of pain, the morphine not helping enough yet they may release him Sunday.  His dogs are all very lonely and depressed.  Poor Sara.  Last of all today, I started thinking art.  I read some then watched method of Lazuring but the main idea today is to do something with all the pressed, dried naturals. Very flat thin, delicate, hard to work with. I dried lots of morning glory blooms.  Those held their brilliants colors but impossibly fragile to move about.  I'll float the ideas around for a few more days before deciding how to do with them.

Hung a wood burning; colored heavy wood plaque of Iris.  I have unnumbered projects in progress and if I don't get to rushing soon to finish, I'll be called Miss Half Done Polly again..

It being almost 6 pm and my rising at 4 am I think it is in order that I take a bed rest.  Good night.

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