Wednesday, February 22, 2017

Some Say it Better Than Others Can


  1. So, is there nothing to be said when there are so many stupid people on both sides?

  2. It would appear so, according to Bonhoeffer's reasoning. You must admit there is too much talk/babbling uttered via news media and the social outlets of the internet world today. From my view, everyone talks but nobody is listening - merely a huge waste of breath and brain. I gather you are alluding to 'both sides' of the political circus today.

    1. Yes. Like it or not, a democracy is absolutely dependent upon compromise and cooperation between reasonable people. After all, why would someone from rural Arkansas be in favor of helping the residents of New York City unless it has some benefit to them also in the long run? Intransigents on both sides make it impossible for America to be great and encourage our true enemies abroad.


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