Sunday, January 1, 2017

The Lie of Our Lives   It tells a sad story.


  1. I won't say the words are wrong; many of the points are valid. However, linking meat eating with war (it's in there) will not win many converts. Plus most of these folks are great at pointing out the problems, but rarely come up with anything approaching a workable solution. Also, most of these folks are trying to save the world while not bothering to save their souls. They aren't wrong, they just aren't nearly as right as they think they are.

  2. A few months back as I was driving through a neighborhood I'd never visited, I saw something that I now realize I haven't seen in years: Kids on bicycles. The only time I've seen kids on bikes is when everyone is out for the family ride. Otherwise the streets are clear.

  3. WL,
    I would like to know the why for this occurring; a two yr of reworking my town's busy street for a bike lane and I've yet to see it used, squandering of a financial government grant, no doubt.

    Maybe digital transmission server was down in that neighborhood. Couple days ago we were pondering why we never see young people out and about, no one to hire for simple chores,anything. They must all be hiding inside clicking on their digital-do-whatchits. Sad, disgusting and scary the way the world is turning. Hundreds of the young live in my local area and never a one about, except at the schools ...talking about health issues in their futures!


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