Friday, May 13, 2016

Coming Soon Expose - Path of a Politician

 "The Confessions of 'Congressman X'"
by David Martosko
"A new book threatens to blow the lid off of Congress as a federal legislator's tell-all book lays out the worst parts of serving in the House of Representatives – saying that his main job is to raise money for re-election and that leaves little time... 

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This isn't such a  "Big Surprise", is it?  Today we are learning more how it really is with most in the political arena and those who strive (and thrive) to stay in that venue- building their bank accounts.


If I weren't over the hill age-wise and didn't abhor cheating, lying and always having a hand out/begging, I could be a good candidate for office. What do you think?  Ha,ha,ha,ha.  
I'm capable!  I will read this expose of the bs society exists under today, yesterday and tomorrow.

Do you have a clue how many retired politicians ride on our dimes?  Just to begin with, we have 4 former presidents  (#5 come January) reaping all the benefits gained; a free ride ''til death do us part'...but then there are the wives we have to continue with riding on our dimes.

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