Saturday, April 2, 2016

I Say

"Suck it up, girl".  Megyn Kelly, you have many years left and will experience more if you continue on the same path.  I've  seen hostility in your eyes!  It would be so nice if you and FOX news would
 consider downgrading the sexy adornment too. 
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Call me a snob or whatevert - I get so tired of seeing women on the public scene exposing more and more of their 'charms'every day.  This appeals to the MEN - mostly! What is the main purpose of this on Fox News?  My guess is , in the long run, more profit for FOX!  Sex sells!

It seems the world follows the Hollywood culture more than they realize.  Glitz and glamour is the mode for dress today.  Demoralizing. Not just for the sexy model but for those who ogle and salivate.  Mankind surely is moving down a very negative path. for her latest whine. Megyn is dressed properly for public view in this instance and her audience.

Now Amy Goodman can give the news - straight on news.  Ms Goodman is a serious person.


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