Tuesday, December 22, 2015

He's Officially an 'Honorable'

Which of the candidates running has Honorable before his name?  I read of this in "American Son", the book (good read) about JFK Jr. written by Richard Blow - worked alongside JFK JR. on his magazine, "George".

I'll give you two guesses.  No cheating.  Winner wins a prize. Wink.
I don't precisely know what it means to be an Honorable but it certainly sounds impressive and worthy of consideration.

On the other hand, in a court of law, I once heard " his Honorable Judge So and So presiding".  Down the road a ways, that Judge So and So was caught red-handed being not so honorable in several instances.

I could put the candidates I trust today into a #2 paper bag!
Hmm, Who ya gonna trust!

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