Monday, December 7, 2015

Indiscretion is a Real Problem - Think Before You Speak!

"Discretion is the better part of valor", words that I kept repeating in my mind as I regained  consciousness this morning.  What do they mean? Googling this sentence brought me to SHAKESPEARE! I hated trying to read or discuss the works of Shakespeare way back when.  In fact, I hated my literature classes.  I comprehend everyday native language but slog through writings that were written in past centuries.

  "Discretion is the better part of valor",  words that certainly didn't pertain to the dreams that I can recall from last night.  So they must have some meaning from all the bewildering "$h-p" published, word by word, line by line, in our world these days. Yes, the whole world is able to read or hear it all.

The way I see it, the world-wide-web can be a very damaging and dangerous tool, as well as the greatest way to go to find anything and everything we wish to know about.  Yet, we must remember that any and all have access to whatever is there, the good, the bad and the ugly - the real ugly!

Often when reading some piece of news, a red flag will pop into my mind and I'm wondering just how these words are affecting those who don't quite agree or understand them. Just read the Comments section after an article you have just finished reading and you can tell that not all are on the same wavelength; thus the diversity of humankind and its opinions.

Frankly, it worries the $h-t out of me, realizing that we live in a world where too much is uttered, all in the name of free-press.  I feel that too much free-press is causing so many of our world's problems today; possibly it always has been the cause. This is the part of the WWW that I call damaging and dangerous.  Not only do we all have the ability to read what's printed or said, we have it pounded into our heads over and over again by repetition a 'hundred thousand times' before the subject is dropped for another titillating horrible drama.

When and why did society become so ingrained to know the latest NEWS?  Why did society decide to jump on the bandwagon to spout off about situations happening that have no good place in an individual's everyday life?  That in itself creates chaos and confusion. 

Leaders of the people and the press writers, in my opinion, should learn to use some discretion in what they say, what they are saying to the whole world.

So, you could say I too am spouting my opinion but I'm not acting out viciously on my opinions like some we know about.  I shall name no names.

It appears to me we of the world, have gotten ourselves in a 'fine pickle' for being indiscreet, thus causing all the chaos and confusion and the inevitable battles being created.

"Discretion Is the better part of valor."  Now I get it!  Often, a bit of commonsense in what we say is worth more than gold.  On the other hand, though, is the fact that those who shout and spout, over and over and over again, are doing so for their part of the gold - indiscretion (even outright lies) because of their greed and stampede for popularity ratings.

Often, we all should keep our mouths shut! Tightly.  For the sake of sanity, safety and having a grain or two of commonsense.

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