Monday, November 9, 2015

Neither Free Nor Clean

I used to think,
Water was free.
Then along came the
F U D.

Now I pay
As do all the rest.
They keep telling me
"Its the best"
So what's the reason
That I sneeze,
When turning the knob
And saying "Oh, please"

When the fumes arising
From the flow,
Turns my throat
To a raw burning glow.

And the chlorine breeze
Reddens my eyes,
And the drip of the faucet
Fades my rich brown cloths,
To a tan shade of fresh crusted pies.

Oh my Zees 
Ain't nuttin free, my dear,
Since the year before
This ongoing Squeeze.

We call out "Oh geez"
Yet still pay the piper
For few sips of water.

Oh, please,
Have mercy, feudal lords,
Take us back to the days
When we could afford.
                     - Sissy

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