Saturday, October 10, 2015

Life in General and A Helping Angel Named Rick*

The past few months have been quite hectic and seemed to have sped along like a speeding train.  I find it almost impossible for it to be October already; in fact, a third of it gone already.   Doesn't seem but a few weeks ago that I was starting seeds for the wonderful, thriving vegetables I would have come summer.  My high hopes were dashed, for spring and summer came and zipped by entirely too fast.  Nothing thrived!  So to speak, for the big tomatoes turned out to be the small salad type, every last one of them  Today I have loads of "tommy toes" on vines in the mulch pile.  100s!  Yet they aren''t ripening.  the few handfuls I did get I enjoyed and was very grateful for having them.  Most  split , bugs, slugs get to them before I can.  No blackberries this year, nary a one.  Maybe 10 strawberries.  Not one squash.  Ha, Ha, yeah, THRIVE. This land was a sight to see with the great lot of blooms - then kerflunk, they would shrivel and dry.  SO, I have retired as gardener for life.  Such disappointment; I never. 
Most of my time was spent on the mower. Still at it.  I have reached a point in life when I realize I cannot go on with  this way of life much longer.  So many health issues rearing their heads also.  Forgetfulness is at critical stage. I stagger and stumble so you'd think I'm drunk.  I imagine I should see a doctor, yet I have no inclination to take their drugs or placebos;  a Reclast infusion in August for my bones  is 'guaranteed' to build them back - THEY say.  So why do I have so much all-over pain?  Growing bone pains? I guess.

My grandson has kept the grass edges trimmed but stopped now for he has pleurisy.  Hospitalized this week.  The windows still are waiting and I dare not climb a ladder while alone...that 'dizzy drunken' state again.  Back in August, while mowing, I went completely blind in the left eye for several minutes. The upper half of vision soon returned while the lower half took longer.  Weirdest experience ever!  Dr. J, my eye surgeon, thinks my carotid is blocked, that some plaque broke loose and caused this blindness.  So time for an ultrasound from the vascular surgeon next month.  Sure hope a piece doesn't break lose and go to my brain before then.  Just what I need: a blind brain!

I have been aggravated greatly for many months with the computer.  It was a new and different problem every time I turned it on.  On the verge of saying "to hell with it all" and canceling Internet service so many times (CenturyLink just keeps going up, up and up in cost), yet hesitating time and again, I finally called on Rick at www.Rick' He used, remotely connected to my computer and fixed so many problems.  He even was able to talk to me via Notebook.  I sat here three or four hours watching, while that amazing man took over my cursor and did his magic.  Watching that cursor zip all about (Rick is FAST) was a fascinating education in itself.   I had more than 300 infections, I think he told me!   I am so grateful for Rick freely taking on this huge situation and fixing it. * Bless your heart, Rick, I thank you greatly.  Oh, to be able to understand all the complicated fixes myself!  Not to be, unless I go take some computer courses.  With the condition of my memory, I don't think this would work very well; besides, there is no money or physical energy left in me to take on such an endeavor.  Also, I forgot momentarily that I'm 90% deaf!  I am good at reading lips though.

What a chilly wet day it has been.  I don't relish the days gradually getting colder.  I read on AccuWeather that the Southeast will see some hard winter time.  Best to be forewarned; can't put off preps for much longer.  Sure hope the furnace makes it another season and that the electricity doesn't falter.  I won't ever forget the nightmare I barely lived through a short few years ago.  I need an alternate heat source, for certain.

I'm outta here.  It is past bedtime once again.

You take care and I will return again sometime.  I have a "million" plans in mind for when I'll be cooped up inside soon.

* He admitted it was a Doozy.

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