Thursday, September 10, 2015

Problem - Blankness or A Complete Loss - updated

If this problem has never attached to you, you have no clue as to what I'm talking about.  Blankness.  Total Blankness.  But wait; passage of time brings on this problem, most likely.  Fortunate you will be if it doesn't happen.

Blankness - it's horrible and SCARY i.e. like 'scared shitless' scary especially when it occurs TOO often, like several times a day.  I can lose words quicker than a flash.  Names of that one I'm speaking with?  Gone.  Just waiting for the day I forget My Name.  I'm already finding myself lost when out in public.  Scary, I'm telling you!  I am driving about and suddenly I don't recognize a place I'm located.

What do I do about it, people?  See a doctor and start taking a PILL?  Any doctors in the house to give me guidance?

I speak of this to daughterchild - child looks blank and utters no advice.  Hmm; Help me!

Now my most current dilemma is this: I'm trying to put Word Pad documents onto a CD but have suddenly and completely forgotten the steps to take to do this.  I need HELP. There is no icon showing with the document to "burn to disc'. Any advice is welcomed.  Step by slow step.

 ....Rick?  ( Hint, Hint)

Update:  I've sort of figured out my dilemma.   Can I burn another?  Maybe.  Highly possible not.

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