Monday, August 17, 2015

Hi, Sami Here

Dear Acquaintances,

In six days I will be eight months old.  Today I learned how to hike the leg - whoopee!  I'm just like Choco now...and Charly, of course.  Charly knew how to hike a leg almost at birth!

I only weigh 2 lb., white as snow, with a touch of caramel BUT I am becoming a Big Boy very shortly;  never you doubt.  Practicing a lot on Choco, beginning my first day here, has helped my progress greatly.  Then I only weighed 8 ounces.   All I can yap today is  "Lucy, you better run away fast"

Oh, oh, oh, I am so excited!  I learned to bark this week and guess what.  I sound exactly like Lucy, my mom says.   Except for the cadence.  She Yorkie-yaps; my bark is dignified and paced per need.  Birds put me in a frenzy though.  I heard Poodles are very intelligent;  I am smart... smart as a mom often questions this when I look at her and won't even blink. 

Today I am very adept in the game of  "Shredding".  Uh, Uh, I gotta go,  I see mom, mom will kill me for pawing on all these buttons. Maybe I should keep my game a secret. 
Bye now.  Nice to meet you.

Mom's boy Toy Poodle

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