Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Fish Love These Golfballs ***

Now whether you know it or not, I don't play golf.  That is irrelevant/unimportant though, whether I play or not ... at anything; and I don't.  What is on top of my today's headline is this newest invention -well, maybe it isn't 'newest'; living in the backwoods, news to me travels slowly.

Edible Golfballs.  Yummy.

Seriously!  Watch this so short video; then you will believe me.  Watch DaFeeshes.

I can imagine the price for one! Uh, did you know there are hunters of golfballs who make fantastic big bucks? Yes, they do.  ah, Google that.

I know a man who took up golf when age 70 yr.   Loves it. Poor Soul; He did so to get his wife out of his hair!

Don't most golfers love nature?  Or is it the Privacy for their conversations? 

Hmmph!  I wish a few of these cell-phone-talking shoppers and erratic drivers played more golf. 

The Shoppers are already in top shape to whack at balls.  "Arm Speech" I call it.  Do you ever round the corner of an aisle, only to almost run over some 'nut' talking to herself and waving the "hey' out of her hands and arms?  Arm Rage.

This nextworldtv website is very worthy.  Some interesting ideas, people, inventions, "savingtheplanethelpers".  I get it via email.  I bet you will enjoy it also.

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