Saturday, May 26, 2012

'Military expenditures did not seem as necessary' ***

What a Happy-Making headline this would be with regard to my country.  A good headline with regard for all countries. with my faithful writer in Canada has two extremely articulate and informative articles lately.  I would urge anyone to read them and also go to the extended links he has furnished.

The video there of Canadian students walking and smiling yet opposing some decisions proposed against them was very impressive to me; for I began to compare their atmosphere against that of other opposition movements occurring around the world, allowing e.g. death and destruction.

An opposition that happens about anything carried on in a civil, respectful manner will always be preferable to me. 

The students of Quebec walk the streets in droves of thousands  and carrying banners; 300,000 in one opposition walk - that is 33 and 1/3 % of a million persons!  This number of citizens at one protest means something serious, something very serious to them.  So those in the 'proposing positions should open their eyes and their brain and "listen to the people".  The people are speaking ... speaking in dead ernest.

On another note: today begins Memorial Day weekend here in the United States.  Very well and good to remember and honor all the ones who have given their life in defense of their country.  My brother, who died recently also gave his years/time defending his country; yet the many years living with his remembrance of those (captured, mistreated) experiences and a hard struggle with health and burdensome-daily-life finally became too much.

I propose that humanity begin to focus on what can benefit each of us in our future as a civilization and try to unfocus on the unhappy past.  Sad memories only bring one down, degree by degree.

Tell me: Why has our earth always been a battleground? Do you know?

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