Monday, March 21, 2011

Odds and Ends ***

Odds and Ends  3-21-11

When I had excess money (lol) years ago, I found a craft supply wholesaler going out of business. I WENT NUTS. 90% discount.

One idea I had for these soft suede leather cutouts. Giving them a coat of acrylic hardened them nicely. I added a bit of paint and attached a pin to the back.
Gaudy but fun.

Project "Rescue"

It has the nicest bounce to it. Years ago, I found it and a mate at the county dumpsite. $1 each. They need to be sandblasted; I haven't hired the Sandblasting Specialist yet. I've used paint remover, wire brush, putty knife. You can see I haven't gotten very far along on the project. The chairs may be waiting for rescue long after I'm gone and forgotten. I must be lacking in focus ;).

Isn't he regal? A royal no doubt.  Ceramic.


       One of a set I sanded and painted.  B had a shop attached to her house.  She was two blocks away.  We would all gather 3 nights a week if we wished.  It was ... but that is another story. 
B and I became close friends.
She worked in publishing, JC Press, for many years, sometimes six days a week.  Yet she put much hard work into her little ceramic business. 

                                                                                   Let the choir begin .  This is a picture of my calendar page; aren't they neat?  I love my camera! I like frogs too.

                                                                                                                 The dog lot 4ft. gate. A great job, well built.  Lot of good it has done! Charly, the Creature, made an escape hatch just left of the gate.  He is at war with the creek rocks and ripples, so water and mud make him "creaturish".

Storm Clouds Building.  Maybe. Days can begin such as this but soon clear sky is seen.  A mountain on opposing sides and near me provide the clouds.

See? This is sky.  Not one touch of cloud anywhere. Its impressive. Vast beyond imagination.
You can see clearly now.  The rain is gone.

 Clocks and more clocks.  V, a relative, lives deep in the mountains of western North Carolina. Upon his retirement from a nuclear fuel company a few years ago, he began this hobby - scroll saw work.  The lawn and his wood shop kept him active. His shop was used daily. With practice he has become very precise with a scroll saw. He has over a hundred clocks and many other wooden items just waiting for the appreciative eye.
About a year ago Vern had bladder cancer and his energy level no longer allows him to work at his clock making. The cancer was treated and now is in remission for the present.  This picture is before his illness.  Most of his fellow workers in his department developed bladder cancer.  Some died.

Short trip vehicle. Usually E is astride also.
The location of V's home is in direct line with this nuclear company, just across the mountain and the wind blows that direction. In this community deep in the NC mountains, so many people have already died or are suffering with cancer today.  The community members are very concerned.
If you might be interested in purchasing a clock, let me know.  V's prices vary.

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  1. Vern creates beautiful clocks -- striking scroll saw work. I sense many spirits present within Vern and his work: patience, skill, a deep essence of fondness, regard, and love for the wood and time. Thank you for sharing these here. (deeply sorry for the cancer, and nuclear facility being so nearby.) Would be interested in purchasing a clock, if I can afford it. If not right at the moment, I would save for one, purchase it when I had saved enough money for it. (I grew up deep in the NC mountains also.)
    Kind regards,


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