Sunday, March 6, 2011

Forget the Dogs ***

    and focus closer.  See the fat buds building to burst into full bloom? 

Won't be many days before it will look as this one.  This is my magnolia tree, a Mother's Day gift from Anna.  How it has grown in the past five years.  It would have been bigger, but foolish me thought I could shape it and went chop, chop a few times.  Yet, I can't let it grow too sprawly now that there is the fence close by to it.

A single bloom

This is the "Jane" Magnolia, having pink flowers.  The blooms have a delicious perfume exuding when you get nearby.  Only problem is they don't last long enough.

The petals are unsuitable for drying as they turn a brown color.  My loss as capturing that perfume was my goal.

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