Saturday, March 12, 2011

Flowing Happily ***

A few pictures I've taken this week  several views of the side branch. It is quite clogged with weeds and needs attention. It is nice presently with all the rain, snow and melting occurring. Look very close and you can see faint growth of the Water Cress. This water comes straight off the mountain, flowing underneath the highway.&nbsp. I would have no problem drinking from this branch if an occasion arose for the need. Yet, the ditch is dry much of the year so it is not a reliable emergency source.  It didn't use to be but the creek gets mighty low for the last three or four years.  I don't look forward to drought conditions later on but I will take pleasure from what I have presently.  Three of the pictures are taken of the brilliance of sunlight rippling on the water. What the camera caught is black and white though.  I really like them. Pay no attention to the dates on the pictures.  My camera is screwed up. Click each picture to enlarge.

Watercress Bed

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