Wednesday, February 16, 2011

People I Have Read About ***

People I Have Read About

It was February 16, 1959.  A man with a big cigar becomes Prime Minister of a small island.  I remember this. It was the middle of my last semester of high school-working toward graduation.   Ahead was jubilation, freedom.
Who can forget the emotions felt when walking off stage holding that document?  Along with a feeling of freedom though was this fear.  Fear of the unknown future.
I wed in August of that year but always woven into a happy life were the threads of world-size chaos, somewhere or other. You know, it has always been the situation in each of our lives.  War.  All the way back to just short of the beginning, I would surmise.

Reading this news item is a supplement to a biography of Fidel Castro I read a couple of years ago.  By the time I'd finished this biography, I was very impressed and also "on his side "for justice".  He was on a crusade from the way I saw it.  I see he was up against unfair players.  Yet the picture I'd gotten from our news waves, Castro was "Bad"; easy way to say it.  Same way it is today; we aren't getting the true picture of all affairs when it comes from the controlled media, controlled everything.  Ah, to feel freedom in all ways!
Castro is aged now, an old man.  From his picture I see much of who he is.

Emperor Norton
Funny, when I read the first line, I thought of someone else. Have you heard of "Emperor Norton"?  I don't know that he smoked a big cigar.  He did make royal proclamations to the citizenry though.  The emperor type should be smoking a big cigar to make him look serious - and Mr. Norton was serious - I think - in a happy go lucky way. The city well remembers him  still today.

Found "Emperor of San Francisco" in Wikipedia.  Very interesting.  He was a pauper and surely had a mental aberration: then again, maybe not.  He was a crusader too in my opinion.  Yet you know how I and my opinions are at times.  Anyway, if you get a chance, read about this character.  A real part of history.

There is also "The Leatherman", another personage in real life.  Hermit posted about the Leatherman yesterday. Hermit always posts well.  I don't know how he locates all his tidbits of information.  He'd make a good school teacher; that Hermit.

The one called Leatherman wore a complete suit of clothes made from pieces of leather that he had created for himself.  Another very interesting character from real life in the past. You can find him at Wikipedia too.

This dayin February 2011 is ticking right along, too fast perhaps. I see it is afternoon already.  What a glorious day it is too.  In moments I will go hang a couple of blankets outside to dry.  Luxurious sleep tonight! Smell that airy freshness.

Frying a couple of sweet potatoes - experimenting.  Put a few slices to dehydrating, just to see how they do.  Got another idea of a project using the sweet potatoes but won't speak of it yet.  I'll see about it after the drying is finished.  If the idea works, I'll show you the result in a picture one day.

Well, I must get in gear again.  Time's awastin'.  Oh, let's hope we see no more snow this winter.  A sunny day like this one spoils me rotten quickly.

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