Monday, February 21, 2011

Over To Your Left ***

in 'My Blog List' is Dahr Jamail's newest posting.  It deals with the crisis from the Gulf Oil spill of last spring. Words from those who are suffering.  This is a fearful crisis that still exists.  I know of several, family and friends who continually have been sick for several months with pneumonia, bronchitis, flu, cold, pain, nausea. All live in Florida. Their doctors give a look of consternation; never heard anything of the situation.  Duh!!!  Lack of communication going on.  Read it; you will be concerned as I am.
You won't catch me eating fish but rarely.  Salmon, yes but where is it coming from? Commercially raised.   Cod is mentioned as toxic - cod is a very popular fish on restaurant menus.  Mr. Jamail writes of other specific areas where the waters are teeming with toxins/pollution. 
                                                    Dead Blue Crab on Blood Beach, Ocean Springs, Mississippi.
 (Photo: Erika Blumenfeld)

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