Friday, February 11, 2011

Memories in Color ***

I have set up to sell - Farmer's Market, July 2008,
 Jams, jellies, breads, cookies, relishes

Trees, Shrubs, Daylilies, House plants

Tree base at mountain spring. Honoring nature.

I'm in love with Summer. 
Nothing beats Green.
  Fish Pond          

My just finished work then boom/demolition. 
 Bedroom Old House

                    E's Crocheted Doily

New Storage Arriving 

Summer's Resident - Writing Spider, Notice zigzag
stitches it has made, eventually encasing whole plant area
 behind the camera

                                                                            Danger, Destruction Zone - Killing Machine of Dreams

 A four month job. 
 A and I worked 11-15 hours every day

Dream almost realized 

                                              Middle of Winter - 12" eventually, January 2011
                                                               See the Creek in back?

                                                                    New Life - Plum Tree

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