Friday, May 14, 2010

Hair and Hay ***

Very interesting; playground simple; but what do we do with the oily stuff afterward?

The process is so simple. Its found that human (and otherwise) hair will also work. Though in this current situation, it calls for mega doses.

Simple? Yes but where can the needed amount be found? A big choice here: save the marine life and shores or feed the farm animals.

Then there was an article I just read about dog groomers banding together and donating the dogs' hair in helping clean up the mess.

This discovery seems to have been made by one man who performs in the beauty salon industry. Spurred by the Valdez "incident" several years ago, and knowing that hair absorbs oil, he wove a mat of clippings of human hair and...viola...end of story.

You have probably heard of all this but if not, just type in the pertinent words and again...viola...lots of information on the internet.

It's a Viola day!

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