Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Burgers ***

by the Belgium Poetician,
Marion Butler


Bilderbergers, Bilder--burgers
do they come with fries ?
They serve to us cheap mayonnaise
and hope we'll swallow lies.

Rocky-fellow and Wrath's child
are members of the group
those claiming royal descent
do steer this evil loop !

For a pittance they do make us work
then our monies they steal.
Do they know morality ?
What is it they feel ?

They sit in mansions warm and large
and cause the banks to crash.
They say 'financial crisis'
But that is utter trash.

This 'crisis' has been engineered
To make us live in fear.
Whilst they so blithely rob us
of all that we hold dear.

For eons this has happened
whilst we have bowed in pain.
Now is time to stand up straight
Not let it happen again.

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